Olaplex No.3 Review

I think I have mentioned that my hair state is so bad, like the damage is unbelievable bad I swear. I used a satin pillowcase, a non sulfate shampoo and conditioner, I used hair mask twice a week, I even had to use the detangle spray because hair is sooo thin.

My hair is super straight and I’ve used a bad hair curler in the past, also one too many chemical process through colouring, and some health issue added to it, it’s one hell of a nightmare.

I bought Olaplex 100ml in Sephora for $50. My hair is in a layered style, the longest is waist length and the shortest is a little over my shoulder, I use it twice a week from my shoulder length hair all the way down quite generously and it last me 5 usage. Although it seemed to be a bit pricey but mate it is worth every penny.

I normally started with washing my hair in a running water and towel dried it for 5 minutes, then I started the application and put my hair in a shower cap for about 30 minutes. As per their suggestion written on their label, we should let it sit for at least 10 mins, but I find 30 minutes work best for me so I could finish one episode of Dynasty while I wait for it without the stress of needing to rush my shower because I want to jump back on my bed for Netflix.

I washed with a lukewarm shower followed by shampoo and the conditioner, and air dried it when I am too lazy to use the hair dryer. But if you do want to speed up the drying process with hair dryer, put it in the cold mode.

I have been using that for 5 months and hair is the softest it can be. It’s just that with the whole lockdown thing I finished my last bottle I have couple days ago. I didn’t bring much because Dubai was my port of travel so I thought I could always stack up from there but hey I learned my lesson.

So the verdict, I would really recommend this (not an ad) to anyone with a super damaged hair from chemical process because this bring the state of my hair to the closest to it was, before the war, or so to speak.

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