Turn offs according to me

I am so very complex. It’s true and I have so many lists of my silly turn-off. Sounds so silly but this stuff made me lose my interest entirely, instantly…

I once was into this guy in high school so much, he smells good, the hair is on point, just the neat look of a good guy. Until one day I saw him tying his shoelaces and his socks were slack… ‘Nah, thank you, I am done, mate.’ I know it sounds so silly, but I don’t like him anymore after that. He didn’t look like he cares about himself so…

Another time I went to the house of the guy I like for Easter dinner with his family and I stayed a little longer for a movie. The food was scrumptious, the family was, gosh, the loveliest. They got smart telly, everyone was excited to rewatch how I met your mother. But the Netflix logged in was his ex-GF account. Just, why. Major turn off for me, so I never came back.

There was also a guy I liked that did everything to impressed me. We vibing well but after some time I lose interest because I realized I didn’t know much about him. I love me some mysterious guy, but I’m expecting him to shed some light as the relationship progressed. He acted overly mysterious to the point it’s just shady and I couldn’t do it anymore.

This one was also probably the silliest. I know this guy since forever. Our family is friends, our Dads used to work for the same company. We accidentally meet again and then started to hang around a lot. One day he asked me to come along on his family’s annual ski trip to the alps. Of course, I said yes. He connected his phone to Bluetooth and his Spotify wasn’t premium. And I get annoyed with the ads.

I couldn’t remember some more silly story about me losing interest in a guy that fast. Well turned out I am more complicated than I think I am.

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