An open letter and a goodbye, for good.

Hey, first of all, congrats on your upcoming wedding! I’m the happiest for you, I mean it. I’m sorry if I destroyed your warm invitation, knowing me deeply it shouldn’t come to your surprise, and it does sting a little that someone that meant so much to me and someone who I shared my deepest feelings with for 8 friggen years, is now getting married.. and it’s not me he’s gonna married to.

The first week of dating, you wanted to break up straight away, I honestly still don’t know why. I cried and begged you not to and to gave us an actual shot. You did. We then both working on it so hard.

Truth is we were never really matched, we have a very different views of life but refused to give up. To the point, I think, we were just forcing ourselves to make it work because we have been together for so long.

I’m being completely honest with myself and you here that I want you to be happy, always, no matter what, whether it’s with me or someone else. And I’m so happy for you to finally (and quickly) find someone who could give you all the things that I could not possibly give you.

You are a very kind-hearted guy that deserves all the loves in the world coming your way. Your heart is an actual angel’s heart. Not even kidding.

I mean look at you, you dated an extra, stubborn and selfish girl for an 8 damn years, and oh I’m sure I can’t be topped. So technically you were highly trained (lol) so I’m confident you could be a good husband for your soon to be wife. And I really hope you walk into your new chapter of life with her and reflect back on the 8 years you spent with the wrong one (aka me) and remember all the mistakes and what you learned from it.

Sure, we had our special times where we thought we would be celebrating this day together, but things happen and God had better plans for the both of us. But this is for the very best.

You once told me that you would invite me to your wedding with a condition that I have to come on my own. You were worried that I’ll bring someone new that is way better looking than you (according to you) and practically steal the show from your mates. And honestly you knew me too well, that was exactly what I planned to do. And you should really thank God for this pandemic, that I’m trapped away from home and that scenario in our head would never happened. LOL.

We all know that I am your first love, and first girlfriend ever, that gave you nothing but headache but thank God you still believe in love after all that. Please do remember how much you loved the wrong girl and you should definitely love the right girl so much more. I hope you have grown into the mature man you needed to be, for real.

I am forever grateful for you and your family that gave me so much love and helped me through my darkest years of life, I wouldn’t make it without everyone of you and it’s absolutely something I’ll cherish forever.

So the time has come, for my final goodbye. Happy wedding mate, I wish nothing but a lovely and happy marriage for you. Ciao.

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