Letter of Acceptance

God knows I took my time to finished my bachelor, I partly took the blame and I blame the other part to the circumstances.

So right after the graduation, I knew I needed to pursue some post graduate degree because I was not satisfied with my graduate degree. So I thought I just had to go for post grad and learn some more.

I am not a straight A’s student, nor a diligent one. My GPA is only a little over 3 outta 4. And as much as I use English as my first language, academically, my English is not perfect, let’s just say it’s alright.

My bachelor was fully taught in English so I thought I won’t need an IELTS test ever, but then I have to attached the score on the application. So I did the test.

I scored 7/9, which at first I thought I was gonna get more than that because my then bf was a native and I was too confident I didn’t even study (so cocky) but anyway it’s a sufficient number to apply to most of universities. So I did, applied to a lot of Universities all over the world with a different major study.

First letter of acceptance (LoA) I received was from University of Newcastle, Australia to do Master of Business Administration.

A week later I got accepted in University of Lancaster in the UK to do Psychology of Advertising. Which was soooo tempting to just fly there.

Got another acceptance letter from University of New South Wales, Australia to do master in Public relation and Advertising.

And also got accepted in University of Surrey to do master in International hospitality management (euromaster).

And the last one I got was from University of Tilburg in The Netherlands for Business communication and Digital Media.

I could’ve just gone to Europe but I also gotta be honest to myself. I know myself too good, that deep down, I might taking too long to finish my master as I will definitely use my time off to travel instead of learning, so I told my Dad it’s best for me to stay down under. And so I did.

My Dad thought he spent so much money for my bachelor and so he vowed not to pay my master and I was fine with that. I’ve got saving and some assets my mom left that I could sell for my education, I’m sure mom wouldn’t mind that.

I have no problem of moving cities, states or countries on my own as I am so used to that. I’m always moving to the direction that feels right for me and I am glad I took whatever path back then that leads me up to this point.

Being an entrepreneur is on my card and I’m not planning to ever stop in there, but having a very asian minded Dad that wants me to work ‘normal’ with a corporate job or work with him pushed me to work harder. I know what I am capable of and I worked best when I’m in my element. So the reasons why I choose all the major I applied because I know it will be so helpful for my life having two different kind of work on daily basis, it all comes down to the business, whether I’m handling peoples or my own.

Anyway, school is officially cancelled for me on year 2020. I got the official email from my campus stating that the program will be postponed this year and we’ll be back to class next year. So what I’m gonna do with my life after this lockdown? Let’s just focus on my career development and work hard to restore the financial balances.

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