Mi querido Samulito (1)

I wanted to write about one of my bestfriend, Sam. I once called him Samsudin, but he’s Samulito to me these days. So I feel like writing our friendship story in parts.

Back on 2011, I had a crush on my senior at Uni, Ivan, he’s of Russian-Persian background. We were pretty close for a good couple months, enough to think he was into me. Until one day I found out that he was being very nice to me because there will be his friends, this siblings, Alex and Sasha, coming to study at our Uni and they will be my classmates and he needs someone to be friends with the Sasha. She was very shy, and it was her first time studying abroad so far from home. I was mad at first, because Ivan used me. But at the end of the day, whatever.

Alex was 3/4 years older than Sasha, he’s married back home in Russia so he was kinda awkward hanging out with the rest of the boys in the class. He was only hanging out with the Russians. Plus the boys were trying to get Sasha’s attention, and Alex was so not having it. He didn’t trust anyone at the class to hang out with Sasha but me, well I gotta give Ivan credit for that. As you can imagine, Alex is so, very protective of Sasha. Sasha got no boyfriend because Alex told her not to, and basically keep telling her that they came all the way to study. I know, what a BS.

Couple months hanging out with Sasha, she told me she was into this guy, Sam. He was also of Russian background, which happened to be living in Indonesia, but unfortunately studied in a different city, 400kms away.

Turned out, Alex was far more protective than I thought. He checked Sasha’s whereabouts on find my friends ALL THE TIME, and if Sasha told him she was with me, he will double check with me. Worse was he checked Sasha messages; text, facebook messages, viber, you name it-he’s on it. He was that crazy brother.

So we took one for the team. Sasha will text Sam through my phone, mostly on facebook, with my account. So of course, I then be friends with Sam as well.

Fast forward to couple years later, Alex and Sasha had to dropped their study and came back to Russia because their Mom was very sick. So Sasha and Sam was never really make it.

But when Sasha left, Sam was still be friends with me, he still came down visit and honestly, both Sasha and Sam are two of my longest foreign friends I have. We all still talk up to this day, in fact it was Sasha birthday yesterday and mateeee………….. Я так по ним скучаю

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