Life in Lockdown (5)

Honestly, I don’t know how many days this lockdown has been going.. For a ‘refugee’ like me, with no job down here and doing pretty much nothing, what’s the difference anyway?

So I saw the news couple days ago about increasing suicide rate in the US amongst the youth amidst the covid-19 outbreak because they can’t cope with the loneliness. I mean, I don’t blame them, I totally got it mate. I’ve been wanting to jump off the windows on daily basis for nearly two weeks now because of the boredom, but the donkey I saw outside the window staring at me while I look out of the window kinda bugged me.. I mean, there’s no way I’m gonna risk it to have a witness in a suicide mission.

So today I have been trying to call the visa authority to check my status, but no luck. The phone was never went through. So I did something risky, kinda you’ll never know if you don’t try stuff. Yeah, I tried to renew my visa online, through my account I used to apply for the first visit visa. And alhamdulillah, Praise be to God, it was granted in around 2hrs after I lodged it.

So I got another 30 days to stay in the country. Means, I will be spending Ramadan and Eid here in the Middle East. I’m kinda excited to be honest. Because this will be the 4th country I spent Ramadan at other than Indonesia. Well every country has its own uniqueness during this time of the year. And since Oman is an Islam majority country, I kinda hope to witness something as well. I hope to witness the virus disappear so everyone can celebrate in a fully joy, inshallah.

Other things in quarantine I forgot to mention.. I might have done something irreversible to my hair. Three weeks ago I cut my hair for 7cm and promised myself to cut 1cm every week until the lockdown is over.. And guess who’s gonna be bald by the end of this? 🙂

Last time I got a breakdown similar to this was nearly 7 years ago, when I came back after spending summer school in South Korea. I got so frustrated with my state of hair and decided to chopped it off. But of course it was done professionally. By professional I mean, I went to the barbershop!! not a salon.

So that day, my friend and I was gonna go out for lunch. I told Tom he needed a hair cut cause it was such a mess. Well, being a metrosexual he is of course instead of sending me home after lunch we had to make a little detour to the barbershop for him. Once they let him sit I realised I need a drastic cut for my hair so that the regrow will be healthy af. So I sat down and made myself at home. And honestly they didn’t know what to do with me, so I had to googled a sample hair cut models.

And of course, I had to present them this very, legendary cut…

VB pixie cut from google

But mine was actually way shorter at the back because they used that machine lol. I was trying hard to find the the photo where it was really short, but couldn’t really find it.

So this picture below probably taken couple month after that, the front was already a bit longer but the back, oh my god, it was still looked like a boy.

Malaysia 2013

So back in Uni, I lived across the boys fraternity house. I wore scarf to cover my hair after the drastic hair cut and popped into the boys house. And honestly, they all wanted to touch the back of the hair and after that they all pretty much said “Shit… what did you do…”

Well everyone had a hard time, I mean, so did I. I was kinda regret, cause when everyone’s complaining than I noticed it was probably waaaaaaaaay too short. I even had to cover my hair for weeks because I knew the kids at my class gonna say something and I didn’t wanna deal with that. Anyway, even when I covered my hair they still had something to say..

And that was probably the most drastic hair cut I’ve had my entire life. Knowing my Dad was obsessed with daughters having long hair, I always cried whenever my mum took me to the salon for a cut or trim. That happened until I was 11th grader and put my mum embarrassed all the time, after that she was like ‘whatever.’.

So now, I cut my own hair for 10cm already, and honestly I’m not ready to cut it any shorter but don’t we all wanted to look different by the end of this isolation?


  1. In Portugal we are in quarantine for more than a month now… It’s been long and hard… And it will stop only by the start of May… Good luck there and be safe! Greetings from Lisbon, PedroL


    1. Hi Pedrol, oh we’re still under lockdown here in Oman, and God knows when they gonna lift the restrictions. But saw it on the news that other countries are starting to open their border again, and hey that’s a start. Hope you are well and safe. Greeting from the Middle East.


      1. Yeah, I’ve seen that slowly many countries are getting back to the normal eheh in Portugal its getting better, however in Lisbon there are still new cases every day…

        I would like to ask you something: are you living in Oman at the moment?? I’ve seen you’ve been in a few countries eheh I ask this because I just started a new series at my blog where people share a bit of his/her city. It is called Locals and I think it would be fun to have someone based in a city of Oman to participate… Here is the link of the first article, let me know what you think 🙂

        All the best,


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