Mi querido Samulito (2)

Sam and I be friends for nearly a decade and I’ve literally come to know EVERYTHING about him, which I sometimes regretted it as to why I had to know that deep. And I am sure the feeling is mutual.

Long distance friendship was our thing, we never actually lived in the same city. We both were Jetsetter, interesting choice of word huh, just to make it sophisticated lol. But once we finished Uni we lived a lot closer, so he came by on the weekend a lot. Given the fact that he got heaps of Russian friends in the city. Like, they all know each other.

When I was dating Brandon, Sam wasn’t really supportive of it, telling me Brandon was all shady. Up to the point when Brandon talked a lot more seriously about the relationship and we were planning to tie the knot. Sam brutally told me ‘it would never happened’. Knowing my sensitive ass, of course I had to stay away from negativity, aka Sam, because I was madly in love. But we made a bet on it. If I were to make it marrying Brandon, Sam was gonna sing and dance on my wedding. God, Sam was always trying to be cool in front of people but naturally he’s a goofball, so him singing and dancing on my wedding was a legit act of humiliation for him. But if I didn’t marry Brandon, I had to take Sam on holiday.

So by now you know already who’s winning and I don’t really have to stated it out 🙂

Sam was a cool playboy but a hopeless romantic. I know it’s hard to imagine but he’s like that. He hang out with this high-class society in J-town and more often than not, he’s dating models. Luckiest bastard.

Until one day, he got sick and when he recovered this pandemic happened. He told me he was tired of dating around and wanted to get married. Well, being me that is mostly sceptical, and knowing Sam that is SUPER playboy, I find it hard to believe that he wanted to settle down this soon. But being a good friend I am, of course I supported him.

Last week in the middle of the night, Oman time, he texted me to watch ‘Newness’, stating it was ‘us’ and I have to report back to him once I finished what I think of it. So under that order, of course I have to watch it straight away. And I got his point, newness was all about our dating life in the hand of the technology a.k.a apps. I had to make novel to conclude my understanding and our similarity to the movie.

For the first hour I could relate to Gab so much, I keep saying shit hey. But the ending of it, god the ending hits me hard, it is true that at the end of the day we will be done playing, we will be tired of this newness we keep inviting and experiencing and want a stability in the relationship, whether it’s work related, personal, religious and whatnot. We’re done fucking around with life. The idea of settling down is terrifying for us now, but we know we want it someday. I somehow want a stability, but in what way and form? i don’t know mate. I keep saying to myself that I am in the monopoly worldwide edition where I keep rolling the dice and do shit, see where it takes me, hoping to be filthy rich along the way and not ended up in jail then I can go from there is such a bull. A friend told me, we gotta set strictly our mindset of what we wanted to attract into our lives. Like, we both know religion is a big deal for our family, so there’s that and we have to stick with it. At this point idk if physical attraction is still that important or not for you, but I’m always more attracted to mindset, we don’t want no bullshit, just someone to keep their words, for it is the key. And once we’re keeping it strictly that way, all these people coming that is not fit into the category will be gone by itself as part of the natural selection. We know that mother nature and God will give us exactly who and what we need in life. They won’t be perfect, none of us are, but we gotta learn to compromise and love each other hard enough to make things work. I mean the effort won’t betray the result, and that’s for sure. I can’t give you any solid suggestions as I’m also figuring things out my own, but I’m sure you got the idea. I think we just need to give people chance and we know it when we know it, pretty much.

Astrid – 2020

I did write that long ass text to Sam once I finished the movie. Anyway if you haven’t watch it, give it a go if you are experiencing online dating, because I guarantee you we could all relate to it. And oh.. I also wrote him a nice advice about this whole serious dating;

If no one is interested to fully know us, we should not bother to pursue. Given the circumstances, we don’t have all the time in the world to invest on someone who never seems to be interested to work on us at the first place.

I mean, look at that. I be 1000% more mature than myself any other time when it comes to talk about love life, it’s like I’m the master of it. Only when it comes to discussion.

But well, I gave him a month, or two, to see if he could find a girl who wanted to be in a serious relationship and marry my Samulito.

I surely will keep you updated.

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