A little scratch from a cold winter night…

It’s been soooo friggin long, I know. I had a human diary I forgot my first love, the love of writing. But I’m here now and it’s all that matters.

Oh jeezzzz, this is not my first winter but I hate it even more every year as the temperature drops. I’m a tropical creature how am I supposed to function properly?

I just saw a meme on the internet that says “I’m not dating to marry. I’m dating to experience a painful breakup that kickstarts my weight loss.” And honestly that is probably the only thing that will work for me and it can’t be any truer.

Back in my Gramma’s era, she probably can only meet and date guys from her town, but these days with a technology in my hand, I could definitely meet and date a guy from halfworld away if I wanted to. It’s just a matter of swipe.

But that easy access of swiping thing made my generation’s dating life ruined.

It’s a strong accusation I know, but really, my generations don’t even do small talks to get to know each other anymore. We kinda lost the essence of it.

I’m missing all the chit chat shit I once said stupid.

I’m missing all the phone calls I once said paranoia.

Damn it.

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