Oh God knows I friggin’ love this little magic box photo machine! I had my very first one on 2011, and it still my favorite thing EVER.

Polaroid is somehow, very classy and real (in a way you can’t edit it to look certain type of your liking) to me and it really is my favourite.

It’s like (mostly) every important (and also not important, gosh) moments of my life are pretty much captured with it. Oh! I even forced my colleagues and GM at my previous company to take a pic with my polaroid and also forced them to hang the picture in the company fridge with the magnetic frame I bought just for that very occasion, my last day of work. The fridge is located exactly in the middle of the office, so even though I am gone abroad, away from them, everyone could see that picture and always remember me. Oh jeez, I sound very thoughtful.

I had a funny story about this whole polaroid thingy. So that time I broke up with my looong term boyfriend and had a bit mental breakdown (hey it’s normal).. I basically burned everything, well, to be clear, wasn’t my idea, that’s not my thing, but my uni junior that lives in the same building with me encouraged me to do that, including all the pictures of us.

Since he was an important part of my life for a looong period time, of course, we had some polaroid pictures together!

Funnily enough, I didn’t let her burned the polaroid with the excuse of “Jeez, not the polaroid. The paper is costly, and I just don’t want to waste it, again. So I’ll keep the polaroid.” Jeez, I must have sounds very economical by saying that, but really, think about double waste is just, no.

Then last year, Liam Payne drop the song called “Polaroid”, the first lines of the lyrics was “I put it in my wallet, hoping I’ll see your face again.” Damn Liam.. damn.. I actually did that, and I believe in that. I intentionally put couple of polaroid pics of people I love in my wallet, so that I can see them again. I don’t know about people but it’s just an Astrid thing.

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