Eid Messages to Dad and step Mum…

To the person I care about the most and to the one I noticed later:

Ibu, I know I’m not the easiest step-daughter for you to handle, you came to our life when I was pretty much an adult myself and need no other mom figure once my own gone.

Ibu, I never really put you in the picture like you’re something to me and I’m really sorry for whatever I put you both through, the words I might’ve said, the feelings I might’ve hurts.

This Eid away from home I met so many people with no parents, and I realise I shoulda really appreciate both of your existences more. The passing of Aki (pops) yesterday was the hardest to face this year, knowing that I’m much too far away.

My ex once told me that he felt safe to know someone is praying for him and I shoulda known better, I shoulda been very grateful that I got at least you two praying for me day and night everyday for my well being, whichever path I chose.

Bapak, Ibu, I’m so busy adulting up, tackling my ego and hustling to reach my goals, I completely forgot that you guys are also getting older, that you two are supporting me in every ways possible.

Okay, I need to stop before I burst into the ugliest cry of 2k19 cause my tears are flowing heavily as I type this whole lengthy messages I am too scared to send it directly, but I know you’ll read this somehow.

Happy Eid from your oldest in Aussie, I love you two and will come visit soon إن شاء الله

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