A Bad Sister

This happened nine years ago..

I was at the music festival at a school nearby my neighbourhood with my band. For the records, I wasn’t supposed to play, I was the “manager”, but they just made a new song couple weeks prior to the gig, and needs a piano player, so I was kinda ‘additional player’.

It was quite chilly day after the rain. I came with my boyfriend that time, in a  matching white shirt with some pink accent on it. Oh he hates it, I forced him to wear it. We were keeping our relationship lowkey, so when my friends saw him there, wearing that shirt he was like “my mom bought me this”. It was a quick answer under the embarrassment, I knew that he didn’t mean to lie to them. I had my coat on, fully buttoned, so technically no one could really see us wearing the matching shirt. Until it was too hot and I decided to take off my coat and my friend went “So your mom bought her the shirt too?” we looked at each other and just laughed… He was so embarrassed but didn’t want to break my heart. He’s cute huh.

My sister was there too, to support my first gig… not. She was there to basically hang out with her boyfriend and friends, tbh she wasn’t that supportive.

Music festival and drunken kids are inseparable. FYI, the legal drinking age in Indonesia is 21. But again, people there don’t care about the law. They sell what they can sell, for their own benefit and profit.

Anyway, of all people I met there, I saw my first love. He looked good, as always, and I just stand still, stared a bit at him from afar. Until I saw him dragged away by this group of drunken kids. Clearly, he was in trouble. And gosh, I wanted to help him so bad, but my boyfriend was next to me and I basically couldn’t do anything.

So I rushed to my sister and told her to check what was happening to my ex boyfriend. Yes I did that. It was easier to asked her, because my first love was the only boyfriend my sister could get along with (up until now). And then she followed them. Knowing that my sis is in trouble (because of me), I talked to my boyfriend and my sis boyfriend to find them.

And once we got there, we saw my sister was hit in the stomach by one of the drunk kids. We rushed to get to her, but she ran…

We followed her and she actually ran back home. Then we saw my Dad’s car rushing out  of the garage, we saw him passed by with much anger on his face with my sis in the passenger sit. That time, my sis boyfriend, my boyfriend and I looked at each other and we just knew that shit is about to get down, very very bad.

We ran back to the festival and saw my Dad parked his car. We have no idea what’s gonna happen.

My sis and Dad walked out of the car, making their way back to the festival to find those drunk kids. And when they found them, my sis pointed at them and…… Dad went into his beast mode. He hit back the guy that hit my sister, and everyone that were trying to separate them. It surely didn’t take that long for the people to made a crowd at that very place, watching the fight like it is some kind of a show.

My Dad called my sis and I out to go home with him by the car.  I told my boyfriend and friends to followed us home cause I knew things would get so much worse.

I felt really, really bad that I put my sis in danger, just to check if my ex was alright. That was so unacceptable.

30 minutes later, two police cars and couple of officers came to our house, to find my Dad. The guy that hit my sister was a son of a police officer, so he called his Dad for back up. And little did everyone know, my ex boyfriend that they ‘rob’ was also a son of a police chief commissioner.

They asked for an official apology from my Dad, verbally and written or they will bring my dad with them and sue him. My Dad told them he would never say sorry, because he stood up for his own daughter. And if they sue him, my Dad will sue the guy back, cause he was the one that started it all.

20 minutes arguing, they left our house. And clearly, the whole blocks were watching us.

The next day we got to school, the whole school knew the story. One of the guy that he beat up was in the same grade like me. They were all talked about how brutal my Dad was.

Seriously…. can’t really blame him, that was definitely every father reaction when their daughter’s got beaten up.

Apart from our then current boyfriends, no one was even dare to get close to me and my sis, unless they really know us well.

We never talk about this anymore.. But somehow I’m still kinda wanna know what my sis told our Dad. Hopefully she didn’t say “Sis told me to follow her ex to make sure he was okay and I stood up for his ex and got hit.”

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