Songs and thoughts…

Back then when I was a little, little kid, when I barely knew English, I was SO obsessed with Westlife, I remember I sang “seasons in the sun” everyday when I was five, 3:00PM up in my balcony, in Bali, circa 1998.
And my favorite line, of course:
“We had joy, we had fun.. We had seasons in the sun.. But the hills that we climbed.. Were just seasons out of time”
One day, my distant uncle, Oki, came by to the balcony and said “So it was you that sing seasons in the sun every afternoon?”
I was nodding yes, in embarrassment, caught red handed. Not knowing if anyone EVER be around the balcony and actually listen to my shit.
He went “Your English is so good, keep it up!” and walked away.
Think that was my very first motivation to be able to sing every Westlife’s song, perfectly.
And oh! I remember I asked my dad what’s the meaning of I lay my love on you, one of Westlife’s song, but I pronounce it I lie my love on you so my dad was “it’s like, you’re lying of loving someone”. I nodded. Such a stupid little astrid.
As time goes by, as I grow older, I realised that I am that very person that find the song for every moment in life. Like, I linked the song to people too. I meant it.
I remember back in Uni days, my pals and I always requested ‘English man in New York’ every friday night to the home band playing at our favorite pizza place.
I remember my friend singing drunk in love so passionately whenever we went to a karaoke place, that’s just like her thing.
I always smile when I listen to sorry by justin bieber because it reminds me to a good, good time.
I always remember how silly my friend is whenever she sang ‘don’t dream it’s over’ by sixpence none the richer.
Oh I know a lot of people find songs as a copping machine of their grief when they are broken hearted.
Do you remember the song from Chicago “hard to say I’m sorry”? I was born in the 90’s and I heard the song for the first time sung by Westlife, and I always thought it was their song.
“Everybody needs a little time away.. I heard her say.. From each other.. Even lovers need a holiday.. Far away from each other”
At this very stage of life, I learned to accept the fact, that, indeed, everybody needs a little time away from everyone. Not necessarily means they are loner or hates everyone. But sometime people just needs a timeout from their everyday lives. More often than not,  we push through for weeks on end too often and just try to get through one day after another without really letting ourselves take a proper break.
If by any chance I suddenly ignore the hell outta you, know that I don’t mean beef. It’s not you, never, it’s me. I am just trying to cop with my things in order to carry on with life in general.

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