People often said that “your name is a prayer from your parents.”

So I was like, let me asked my parents what’s the story behind my name.

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I remember this happened 9 or 10 years ago at home after dinner…

Me: I wonder what is the meaning of my name

Dad: Astrid means beautiful, divine strength. Your second name means goddess. We picked the third and forth name because you were born in the third of holy Ramadan.

Me: So, beautiful goddess born in the third of Ramadan?

Mom: Basically…

Me: So tell me do you guys think I am beautiful?

Mom: *looked at me with the ‘you’re basic’ look, didn’t say a word*

Dad: *smiling*

Me: *Look at them with the ‘I KNEW IT’ look*

By the way, we don’t carry our parents last name.

In Indonesia, your name is whatever your parents wish to give you, well people don’t really care about family name. They could easily make a new last name for their next generation. My ex boyfriend’s last name is the combination of his mom and dad’s name, weird, I know. But trust me there are a lot of parents doing the same thing.

There are some ethnics in Indonesia that pass on their family name, so you can tell which part of the country they are from, but not in my family.

Funnily enough, my grandparents from both sides had a similar last name, or basically the same but one is written in old Indonesian style and the other one is the new Indonesian style. If my parents got their parents last name, dad would’ve been A.Soemantri, and Mom is T.Sumantri.

Well, good to know that my parents pray to God for me to be born beautiful. But that puts so much pressure on my shoulder. Now that I’m older I wonder if they ever regret to see how I look, which is basically the opposite to their prayer……..

Chill, I am kidding!


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