My Flying Experience

The recent airplane crash brought up my memories.

Back in Uni day, I mostly travel without my Dad’s knowledge. My sis on the other hand would be the one to know it all (we lived together) and my Dad was living in another state.

I made money myself being a personal shopper and would travel very frequently. It wasn’t much, to be honest, but the joy of traveling where your clients can’t, and the joy of shopping without your own money (because the stuff I purchased was clients’ order) were more than enough to make me happy.

So I will fly wherever whenever when the promotion comes. Be it alone, or with some pals.

6 years ago we went to Singapore. It was 5 of us and we took two different flights and date to fly there. It was all fun and lots of walking ofc for the sake of sightseeing eventough it wasn’t our first time there.

I and Louis took the same flight home which was with Sriwijaya Air.

Louis was an aviation geek and even had a flight simulator on his laptop, so he knew everything, quite literally.

I was not paying attention to the aircraft until we took off and I looked around and realised that there wasn’t many passengers in it. The window was quite squared and the light panels looked odd to me (since I travel so very often).

I talked to Louis “Hey why does this plane looks so odd? Is this an old airplane?”

Louis took a brief minutes to observe the surrounding and said “This plane is most probably from the 80s/90s, just look at the window, the panel, and this (opening the tray table) was Greek. An airplane is considered old when it’s over 30 years old, so this airplane is technically is still safe to fly. Looks relatively well maintained for a vintage plane.”

“Oh I knew it!! Lou, if something happened to the pilot you could actually take over the plane and land it right?”

He was like “Technically, yes. This is 737.”

I distracted myself with food and newspaper they gave me because I was THAT scared. I’ve never flown with an old airplane, I mean as far as I remember….

I think I mentioned in other posts that Brandon and I traveled a lot together. Brandon hates flying, in fact he is terrified of it. He would take sleeping pills when we took off and always said “Had something happened to this flight and we never reached our destination I wouldn’t be panicking and just die in my sleep.”. Imagine how relaxing every flight with him was :)))

I never was terrified nor scared of flying until that flight home with Sriwijaya Air. Mainly because I wasn’t feeling comfortable with the fact that I knew the airplane was old.

But looking back at it, especially what happened in 2020, I would probably told everyone (including my Dad) if I was gonna travel and take a flight anywhere in the future.

Because, as fun, as it is to fly, the risk is as great. I mean, you never know right? I would regret until the afterlife if (god forbid) I die in an airplane crash without anyone knowing that I was dead on that plane crash. And leave my family wondering about my whereabouts.

May we all be safe always. Prayers and thoughts to the family of SJ182 crew and passengers.

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