All the feels…

I love the compromise of drinking a non-dairy bobba or anything gluten-free so we could share. You’re lactose intolerant while I’m gluten intolerant.

I love a movie-out day where we would be sleeping in the couple’s seat when the movie is boring, the scream of excitement and uncontrollable laugh when the movie is that great, sneaking in with some burger and chips because we both are too hungry or sneaking out in the middle of a movie when we feel like we had enough.

I love when we just walk to the park, watching kids and everyone, minding our business, soaking in the sun, lay down on the grass, or watching the stars.

I love it when we go to the beach, helping each other putting the sunblock and tanning oil to make sure we don’t get burned.. and then we make ourselves busy reading our books.

I love a romantic walk, side by side (not necessarily needs to hold hands, but it’s nice) or grabbing your arm for a good grip when I wear heels.

I love that we both love Thai food, yet you can’t handle spicy so I will laugh at your red face, seeing you suffering trying on my food.

Or when you gave it all to me to decide what to watch on Netflix but never allowed me to choose horror, so rom-com that is.

God I miss you terribly.

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