Memorable Red Lipstick

Astrid and red lipstick are clearly a thing. I was told I looked bitchy and looked old with it but so what?!

But anyway I’ve got a really funny story to tell about me and a red lipstick when we went on holiday somewhere in Indonesia.

So that time Clark and I went to this ‘hidden’ beach in a ‘remote’ area in Indonesia, in an island called Sulawesi. We both never been there and only go there because we didn’t want to go to Indonesian famous beaches as we’ve been to Bali and Gili’s together couple years before.

It really felt like a looooong journey from the South Sulawesi’s capital to go to that area with a car broke down in the middle of the trip that left Clark as the only white people in the area.

I mean, of course he was the alien in this situation, everybody just wanna touch him, making sure if he was even real. He engaged with local boys playing football as we were waiting for the car to be fixed. And he even got some photo session with some curious local after that. Yes, it took that long.

Surprisingly, when we got there, the workers were nearly the only local we saw in the property. The owner was a British guy who is married to an Indonesian but they do not lived there. So we met another guests, a French’s family of 4, an elderly German guy, an another British guy with his Indonesian girlfriend. Clearly, Clark and I did not expect that.

The beach was sooooo crystal clear and apart from us the guests there it was empty. We went islands hopping to couple islands nearby and did some snorkeling, we saw so many fishes and we saw some sea turtles, it was cool. Little did we know the first area we went for snorkeling was a shark invested water!!! We came to know the truth from the workers at the bungalow when we returned. And oh, I also got attacked by a hungry sea turtle and it was such a hilarious encounter!

the shark invested water

The workers at the bungalows we were staying at were complementing my red lipsticks, everyday, if not every time we hung out there in the restaurant. Telling how good it looks and asked where did I get them. I wore no makeup but sunblock to the beach so my red lipsticks was a bold statement to looked fresh, and I did wear it everyday. So by the end of our stay, I decided to gave away my red lipsticks to them as a farewell gift. They were soooooo happy, I could tell.

The infamous Red Lipsticks

And upon the checkout everyone lips were as red as mine 🤣 Sadly, I didn’t remember taking any picture of that moment, but it was something I would never forget 💄

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