You Are Beautiful, How Come You’re Still Single?

I’m sure every single ladies in the world heard that line 1000x+ in their life, and we totally know that there is always someone that will inevitably ask that dreaded question, that one most despised by all singletons, and agreed that it is annoying and concerning, like why are you even asking?

If the question asked by your date on your very first hang out: my my, I would personally cut it right there, I’m done.

To me it’s like comparing two completely different things, and let’s agree on this; being beautiful has nothing to do with the singleness status. There are heaps beautiful ladies in the world with a beautiful heart that are still single (by law) and they are all doing just fine. So do we.

And just because we are single, doesn’t mean we don’t date, we just didn’t feel the need to tell the whole world, if that’s what’s you’re really asking. Man, I gotta love people’s curiosity and know-it-all mindset some times.

I keep my love life lowkey because honestly I really don’t need the attention to it. I’ve learned a lot from my past. And oh well relationship is a game for two, and who are you people in this? directors? spectators? audiences?

Unless things get very serious and heading to the wedding way, then you all have to know that I’m off the market, for good.

So whenever someone asked me the “How come you’re still single?” I came up with varied answers depends on who and how their tone while addressing it. You could try some of the answer I used whenever the questions popped:

  1. I’m focusing on my study: So if I were to get married and somehow be a mom, I would be the first educator in my kids life so I just gotta make sure I’ll be the best one for them to start with. This mostly ended up with some type of admiration from them and they still gotta insist asking ‘when?’ so.. whenever.
  2. I live in the land down under, tell me something that a married couple do that I couldn’t possibly do: I’m not even joking, I could do whatever they do, I just don’t have husband who gives me allowance. Some people gets so curious but when I answered this they gimme the look. Mate I was being honest. But hey try it and see for yourself their reaction, priceless.
  3. I’m too poor for a wedding, but if I were to get married, you will see the picture I posted but still won’t be invited; Yep, see how terrified and disbelieve they looked when you answer that. Personally if I were to get married it would be a destination wedding with my core family. And yes of course you can see the picture online.
  4. I’m so fussy about food that gets into my body, and I’m even fussier when it comes to a guy that touches my body: I mean, I break it down to them that it cost me 3 headaches on daily basis for my 3 meals. And I couldn’t afford any more headaches just to pick the mr.right. So I’m good, thanks.

Honestly, my case, I’m extra. I will fall for you extra, I will love you extra, I will show you I care extra and so on. Because for me it’s either I am giving you my all or nothing at all. There is nothing in between. I applied it to my friendship as well. And guys are terrified with my extra-ness, if that’s even a word, but I’m sure you get me.

Because, again, deep down we all know everybody needs a little more love some times, and they could use a little more kindness some times, if not every time.

The older I get, the more I realized that I don’t actually need someone’s presence as my significant others to validate my worth or to make me feel whole.

So pleaseee pleaseee stop it, the question is so lame.

And so outdated.

And a major turn off.

Just don’t you dare, ever.

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