Hamish the missing boy

So couple months ago I told my sis and bro to shaved Zo’s head but they kept on saying tomorrow yet never actually done anything. So I made the move to start shaving Zo’s head, they eventually helped because it was not like they got another choice 🤣

So since then, I called my nephew: nanak nundul. The right word in Indonesian language would be anak gundul which means a bald kid.

When I started to call him that my sister was like, ‘why that words?’

She had no memory of it so I had to tell her the story about our this ‘nanak nundul’ thing when we were living in Bali.

It was summer 1999 in Bali, we had a kindy trip to Bedugul. The coldest area in the island. Speaking of the area, I nearly died around the area when I was couple months old back in 1993. My Omas and tante came all the way to visit so my parents brought them there to give them the glimpse of the other side of Bali. They jumped outta the car to take some pictures with their simple negatives cam. And Dad forgot to take the handbreak so the car goes by itself, with me in it. He ran and managed to jumped back into the car and took the handbreak, or else I wouldn’t be here today telling you this.

Back to the kindy days out in Bedugul. It was a big group trip because our moms and siblings younger than our age (which was 6 yo at that time) were allowed to joined. I got a cute friend of middle eastern descent named Afdha and he brought his 3 years old super cute brother Hamish. Our moms were bestie so we hung out a lot after school.

We were in the middle of group activity when Afdha’s mom noticed Hamish was gone. Bedugul is a huge area, look it up on google, so to look out for one tiny 3 years old was quite a work. 20 minutes looking around our activity area and found nothing, his mom started to freaked out uncontrollably which also made everyone freaked out. Our teachers then noticed the security and police to help us looked for him. We spent like the other half day looking for him everywhere, our bus driver even came back to the bus and carpark and found nothing.

So we all gave up and came back to the school bus and found Hamish was squatting next to the back wheels. His mom screamed and grabbed him straight away. When his mom asked him where did he go, he said “I was with playing here with my new friend, nanak nundul (bald boy) with no clothes.”
It gave everyone straight up chill. The bus drivers, carpark security and the police were so sure they didn’t find anyone in the carpark when they checked, and since Hamish was a little boy they even checked the bottom of the cars.

Some Indonesian believes in a mystical creatures or ghost called Tuyul which came in a little bald boy form that worn no clothes, which people associating it as a thief’s ghost that stole people’s money. So when Hamish said ‘nanak nundul’ his mom and pretty much everyone assuming Hamish was referring to it.

His mom hugged Hamish on her lap all the way home and Afdha was sitting next to them. We could all see that Hamish and Afdha looked quite confused. Thankfully Hamish was all fine, he didn’t get hurt or anything but he kept on saying he was having a blast playing with this bald kid.

When my sister heard the story again she was like “I remember the Amari’s, your school trip and Hamish gone missing, but I didn’t remember this ghost story. But lol what the fuck calling my son that.”

So do you believe in the spirit and other dimension?

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