My dear Brandon…

Years ago when I broke up with Brandon, I was not mad, I was actually thankful that I found out the way I did. I said a quiet prayer, that someday I hope Brandon finally understands what he did was wrong and wished that there would never be any other woman hurts because of him.

If I could learn anything, a woman’s gut is the sharpest and I would never ignore it anymore.

The pain he caused is still as fresh and easily triggered. I still have a trust issue and that’s on me, I didn’t blame him. I guard myself.

When I dated Kal, I told him about my exes and he called Brandon the ‘accounting’ guy. Brandon’s appearance was always neat, smart casual. His choice of glasses towards the end of our relationship was probably the worst, vintage look and add probably 3 years to his actual age.

So I read this yesterday… And think about it deeply.

The healing process after I broke up with Brandon is not an overnight task, it’s an ongoing battle (up to this day) that I begin to enjoy the process.

Months after I broke up with Kal, I post some updates on my Instagram stating “we’re never ever ever getting back together.”. He replied to my post and asked me “who did you that wrong?”

Definitely not him, our break up was mutual understanding, nothing related to Brandon or any other third party and we’re still good up to this day.

When I mentioned Brandon…. he sarcastically answered “OMG, still the accountant? Stop doing it, go out and fuck people already.”

I mean, Kal was not wrong. But I just couldn’t…

Last night I had a dream of Brandon coming down to see me in Sydney. Did I surprised? Absolutely. He looked just like the last time I saw him, a bit chubbier, more white hair, IDK how I got that idea.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

He answered, “You were with Marco couple weeks ago in Muscat right? You didn’t noticed I was around because I’m glad seeing you from afar. But then he told me about your conversation, that you might think I was your soulmate but we ended up badly. So here I am I wanna make it right.”

Then all of sudden my family was at my house, and EVERYONE wants to see Brandon. NO WAY MATE, NO FUCKING WAY.

Thank God it was a dream. But God felt so real.

Funnily, I was not even thinking about Brandon, I was thinking about Kal and things he said.

I think I still got this idea in my head that he would come say it to my face.

Because mate broke up over email was not fun.

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