Career Driven or Family Oriented (1)

It has to be the most troublesome question to answer for some people (mostly ladies) around my age.

Yesterday, my brother in law hooked me up with his COO, a Bahraini businessman, for an interview.

Both my sister and brother in law selling me out to the high-rank people in the region, which I should say, I am so grateful to be allowed to even talk to them. It’s a super rare opportunity.

Okay, now you should get it by now that both my sister and brother in law are so passionate to keep me down here in Oman.

So yesterday, the COO asked me; “Your brother in law told me about you, but tell me, how is your living condition in Australia? Did you leave your family or kids there? Do you actually want to be here? Or you just filling up your time with some job until you’re able to come back home?”

I shot my shoot, “No Sir, I am single.” Okay, first of all, informing my marital status, which is a general question, sounds weird to me. In my head, it’s like, fuck, I am single by law, and do I need to tell everyone about it all the time? FML.

“I believe I’m stuck here for a reason. I would like to stay for my career development.” I mean, I gotta say that right?

And he goes, “Your brother told me you’re planning to leave in March?”

Bloody hell, I haven’t even decided, the Aus government hasn’t even decided, and my brother dares to speak on behalf of us? “Not quite sure about that Sir.”

“If we decided on employment, do you think you would be able to fly between Salalah, Muscat, and Bahrain all the time like that?”, he asked.

“Absolutely. In fact, I was gonna go to Bahrain this year to watch the F1. But yeah, pandemic hit.”

We talked for half an hour about my experience, the requirements and all.
“I see you’re special, a career-driven woman. You wouldn’t have a problem with public-speaking I supposed?”

“Well, I think you would have noticed by now that I don’t really shut up Sir.”

He burst into a laugh, and went, “I will send you some general information about us, and we’ll be in touch whether the job would be project-based or contract-based. “

Right after I left the COO office, I begin to question which type of category I fall into; career-driven or family-oriented.

For a second I thought, mate obviously, I’m all about my work and career. But then again, at some point in life, I want a partner, not sure about kids, it’s a maybe, but it’s on my future list.

Looking at my parents’ relationship, they worked so well because my mom decided to sacrifice her career and follow my Dad. They travel together (following my Dad’s job) as a family unit.

Meanwhile, I am so used to decide my path on my own.

If I were to decide to sacrifice my career for the guy I love, I would’ve been married to Andy, my 8 years on/off partner, or Brandon even. Which type of job, what kind of life I am having would’ve been completely different.

To be continued…

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