So we had a long weekend last week down here in Oman, an extended national day holiday. I went to the capital, Muscat, to see my mates, and honestly, it was the best and fun things I did being here in 8 months. I finally feel good about meeting my people and being outdoor.

I was staying at my mates’ place in Muscat, and I learned something valuable from my stay.

I was the guest, and I was trying to make some breakfast for them, my way. Humblebrag of my cooking skill lol. But no, I just wanted to make some pancakes, nothing fancy.

My mates looked at me cooking it from the counter and keep asking me questions like, “Oh you add that?” and “Oh you use that?”. Honestly, I was so worried that they wouldn’t like it.

Don’t come @ me, but I put honey and cheese on my batter because that’s just how I like it.

Once the pancake is done, I served them with caramel, honey, and blueberry jam, it was a lot for me, but it was so good.

My mates’ rate my pancakes 9/10, I was pretty satisfied with the score. And they went, “Honestly, I was so worried that the pancake would be undercooked, judging from here on the texture. But when I tried it, it’s good and just right.”

I was laughing and looked at them, “Why didn’t you guys tell me?”

“Well, I learned not to judge things very quickly until I try it. Did not disappoint me.”
And there you go, lesson learned.

Knowing me personally, I am chill, but I have an ultra-short temper and will question everything in my head or even speak my mind out just like that.

I tend to be annoyed to see things didn’t go my way or how I expect it to be, way too easy.

I hurt people with words most of the time, even when I didn’t intend to. My choice of words was probably the culprit of it, or perhaps it was my tone or hell my damn face lol.

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