How long should you wait for a ring?

And the truth is, the answer may vary! It’s not an exact thing; you know it when you know it. Right?

So I was hanging around women my age with different backgrounds and views on dating. Let me break down to you what I gathered from them. But I need to put a disclaimer here that this is nowhere near to a research, but it seems as though opinions did differ depending on age and locations.

Belinda has been together with her fiancé for nearly three years, two years of dating before he proposed. She grew up in a Catholic family that believes in one sacred marriage. So she has been planning the wedding a lot those days. One thing I remember she told me;

You should never date anyone for more than two years without a serious plan for the future. If he didn’t propose after two years, move on, you don’t have all the time in the world to wait. We are 26 now, in two years you’ll be 28 and you really shouldn’t be wasting more time for a guy.

Belinda, 2019

I got her point, but I think it wasn’t as simple as that. I’d say it’s very conditional.
Looking at my sister’s case, they didn’t even date that long, less than a year, and my brother in law straight up proposing her. And again, you know it when you know it. Here they are married for 2,5 years and had 11 months old boy together.

Meanwhile Michelle… She was of Christian background, convert to Islam to marry her high school sweetheart. I know her in uni and still one of my tight circle, married with two kids age 3 and 1 that told me

Live your life to the fullest while you’re still single because marriage is about compromising your individual needs for the sake of the community. I was married early because what is between Adam and I were always serious from day 1. I never have to wait for the ring, because it was always there. But I think, one year would do. You have enough time to know everything about him, to either pursue it or end it.

Michelle, 2019

While Sara, my fellow single lady in Sydney thinks that:

For women our age, one year is a great timeline to determine if things going to work out in the long haul or not. If you two gonna hit off for a long time or just a good time. No more time waster honey. TikTok.

Sara, 2019

Now if we are talking about me and my personal view on it; my hopeless romantic self telling me that I could wait forever lmao.

But I think next time I am back to the relationship stage would be the most mature ever.

Well, been there done that. Let’s not play on anyone’s feelings and see?

I’m not desperate to get married or anything… I just don’t want anymore crush or fling, if that makes any sense.

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