Sexually Assaulted

This is a hard topic to talk about, but my psychiatrist told me to open up as a part of healing because I am not alone.

My parents sent me to private school until grade 4 and decided to send us to public school in grade 5 so that we have experience in both worlds.

I remember clearly I was in grade 5, had a lunch break, and was about to go to buy some snacks with my mate at the shop outside of the school. Three of us, girls, walking side to side.

A homeless guy was walking in our direction, but we kept on walking without any issues. When he was very close to us, he tried to touch us. Of course, we screamed at the top of our lungs and ran away from him, and the homeless guy shortly vanished. He managed to touch my inner leg, attempting to touch my vagina.

I never really talk about this to anyone but my psychiatrist as I thought this was a shameful thing to say, and no one would understand. Also, we had enough stories of society blaming women or girls for what happened to them so I silence myself this whole time.

But I shouldn’t be. I shouldn’t feel dirty for it. It obviously wasn’t my fault.

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