No Means No

Update on my life in the Middle East, well, I’m no longer stranded and trapped here, because I decided to make Oman my home this time. Surprise surprise.

I’ve applied some jobs down here, and finally managed to get one. So I’m no longer that cool stay home auntie lol.

Zo went back to his nanny, everyone’s back on track. I seemed to have a chiller and slower pace in the middle of pandemic but now I’m on the same road.

So dressing as a woman down here is pretty tricky, I must say. Coming here from Australia where people don’t actually care about you and whatever you’re wearing is kind of frustrating at first, oh well still. Especially when your brother in law is also arabic…

I’ve got so many tops with a quite lower chest type, which was super alright in Sydney and here is wow, of course, forbidden. They applied a strict modest dressing type in public places. So ladies, anything you wear should cover your chest, shoulder, below your elbow and below your knees… got it? And you should cover yourself completely when you are visiting islamic site, eg. grand mosque (for whatever reasons).

I went to all the job interviews wearing blazer and trousers, but not covering my head with hijab. Okay yes I’m of muslim background, but I haven’t decide to cover myself. So don’t come and attack me, it’s just personal preference. I’m not a representation of the whole muslim women, I’m representing me and myelf only.

When I decided to take on the job, they saw me in my professional business attire, and had no complain whatsoever. But two days after I accepted the offer, the HR asked me to come see her and she told me that if I decided to join I have to wear hijab. She was saying it in so much fear on her tone of my rejection, well, she told me this would be as hard as if you need to tell someone that they weren’t allowed to work with hijab. She told me she was fully understand if I objected, but hope I wouldn’t. I asked for some time to think about it.

I did think about it, but my way of thinking was quite simple. I covered my head like a fashion statement, it has really nothing to do with my religious views on that, because atm I still haven’t decide to wear one on daily basis. I would think of the hijab as a way of me paying my respect to the culture, and maybe at some point in life I would feel better wearing one and never take them off again? like who knows, I’m open to any possibilities.


First day of wearing hijab at work there was a guy I know from work texted me if I was willing to accept a married man and be a second wife… LIKE WTH. I didn’t even talk to him on daily life only talk about work, strictly professional.

This is what I don’t like VERY MUCH about guys that think they are religious and all, and wanted to do this polygamy shit. I mean, it’s not for everyone. Like my late mom once said, ‘Sure polygamy may promised the woman a heaven in afterlife, but there are so many other ways to get into heaven.’ Which basically means she was extremely contra to the idea. Not that my Dad tried to do it, it was just her idea.

Okay, I ignored that guy and but my God he insisted, trying and trying to text me day and night like hell. So then I told him I got a partner back in Australia. He probably didn’t get the partner concept, so I told him I got a boyfriend. Only then he be quiet about asking me to be his second wife.

Seriously, what is wrong with guys these days? I gave zero sign of interest and you insisted? Why is it so hard to accept no? Why do I have to drag another guy into this for you to step back?

Respect a woman saying no because it means no. That’s it. I don’t wanna lie all the time just so you could fuck yourself and get a life.

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