The best breakup..

I was once matched with this guy on a hinge that from a day one told me he was looking for a relationship, straight away.

I was weirded out because, ‘wait, is this your opening line to every girl you matched on the apps?‘

I didn’t really reply to him, we didn’t really talk at first. He proceed to follow me on my instagram, and gosh we all know that I never really stop posting shit. And that’s honestly a natural way to select people in life. Like if he was into and wants to be with me he gotta accept that i shared shit too.

He asked me out for a straight two months but i keep delaying the response.

I am of muslim background and he was jewish. So when he asked me if i want to be in a relationship, it’s a hard hard decision to take. But god knows i want a boyfriend.

I then arranged a charity for the refugee and guess who showed up and donate? him. Let’s call him Luke.

I looked at him in awe for the first time and left speechless. He told me ‘You weren’t replying so I guess I just have to show up here.’

Honestly, it’s just not fair to not give him a chance, because my god i would be so stupid to not to.

Fast forward we went on couple of dates and clicked straight away. He was so fun in person, he speak sarcasm, no game nothing and so understanding and basically everything I looked for in a guy. Everything seemed so, so well.

He would showed up with pizza because i wouldn’t say no to it. Turn on netflix and watched stand up comedy and laughed until our belly hurts. He loves everything I cooked and God his spicy level matched mine (this is very important aspect to see as well lol).

Everything seems so well until three months later, he asked me to sit together and talk about us. We were dating, my friends loved him, not so much about his lad 😅 but he said something that broke my heart yet empowering me too, he said “I love you, I really do, I told you everyday since the day I met you. But we both know that this wouldn’t go nowhere. We both stick with our religious views and our family won’t be happy with this. So before things gets too complicated later, I think we should go our own way.”

Did I cried? So much. Oh his voice was trembling, his eyes were red and all. But I accepted it.

It was like the most mature thing I did, and god I had no grudge or anything. We broke up in such a good terms. We don’t hurt each other because like that and it was mutual agreement.

Who would’ve thought I could done that? I mean, we’re so in a good terms and place right now.

We still follows each other on social media and say hi every now and then. I respect him so much to this day.

So can you break up and still be friends? Hell yes you can. Because we worked out well as couple and even better as friends. Our mutual understanding was something I need to keep as a standard, because honestly, I hate messy breakup.

Truth is we don’t have to be strangers again after the relationship ended because like it or not the other person was exactly everything we want at that very moment. So I smiled whenever I saw his post or when he comments on my posts, I’d never knew I could be very mature to see things.

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