I found this on my draft and wasn’t gonna post it as this happened couple months ago. But for what it’s worth, I hit the update button and here we are…


So I’m feeling quite blue these days. First of all, my flight has been, cancelled, again. Then the company that has been waiting for my return, gave up on me.

Then I discovered Neal went back on with his ex, which explains why he ghosted me monthsssss ago. Which is, alright (part of him getting back with the ex, but ghosting is still not okay). Well sometimes you need to go the rough path to know if the love is worth to fight for or not right?

He could’ve told me tho, I would still be okay. Having discovered it my own, because of my own stupid curiosity is….. just…. I kinda brought and did it to myself.

Just a bit sad that he might think I ain’t worth any explanation. Rule number 1, don’t fall too hard on anyone you barely knew. But his case, how can I not?? right???

Especially when things between Hugh and me is… well… Hugh and I dries out, this time almost completely. I was not talking to him much as I couldn’t answer his only question of ‘when will I be back home in Sydney’. I wish I could say tomorrow, but the rules and flight cap is not up to me to decide.

So it’s been a lot these weeks.

I’ve been listening to my friend’s song from Indonesia a lot, well it’s in Indonesian Language. But trust me you wouldn’t have to understand the meaning to know that the song is good, it is really good, somewhat tragic.

Tak Terbaca – Juicy Juicy

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