My toxic traits

27 lap around the sun, I have been here and there, done this and that, living a life I have never imagined before, and did things I have never imagined I am capable of doing.

I have had some heartbreak over ended relationship and friendship, experiencing some mental breakdowns and learn how to love myself as a whole human being (again).

This whole lockdown has been a great time for me to do some reflection on my relationship life.

I noticed that the case may not always be them that did me wrong, I probably was the one that caused some harm.

I noticed I could be very toxic at times, so here are my toxic traits that I really need to get rid of in any kind of future relationship:

  • I hold onto people, hoping that they would change. And I gotta understand that some people would never…
  • I always see the good in people, even when it’s not there. It’s a scary truth that some people are straight up a mess.
  • I destroy people with words when I’m really mad. I could go straight up savages or structured wording that slaps them to the next life </3
  • I always create a scenario of how good people are in my head, thinking they would be how I wanted them to be, even when the reality is the complete opposite.
  • I go extra miles to make people happy, putting my own needs of happiness aside. Like I put them up there, far away from me.

So to me toxic trait is not necessarily needs to be a bad behavior. Some good behaviors that overly done is toxic as well.

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