I grew up with a heavy-smokers Dad. And did everything since I was kid to stopped him but mate nada! And that’s like one thing I’m not proud of him.

There is this one type of cigarettes in indonesia, they make it without filter they called it ‘kretek’ there, which according to Brandon was a heavy-heavy shit, and Dad could smoked it too!

I bought couple of cigarettes from the airport when I came home from summer school in South Korea for my Dad and he was less than impressed 😅 I mean what else should I bought him? And ofc it wasn’t the only thing I bought for him.

I once was very very stressed out at work and decided to buy a pack of cigarettes. I went to the smoking area and tried to lit my first one, and seconds later my CEO was coming and about to smoke. He saw me, I was gonna leave, I haven’t even lit mine and he offered to lit it for me. First inhale, I coughed like a frog, ofc, I wasn’t a pro. Then I left in embarrassment. The next day the whole building knows I am a smoker, from that failed first attempt 😅

But first time ever, I tried to smoke in high school with Guzman, just one piece. I broke up with my puppy love and was angry, because he then dated our friends. Oh God I really tend to make a bad bad choice when I’m in a bad state of mind.

Anyway, I don’t really care if anyone actually a smokers or not, as long as you know the place and condition. But I prefer not. I mean, I could never hate a smokers, my Dad is one.

I think he would whopped my ass if he found out I am smoking. So he didn’t want me to do it but for some reasons he couldn’t really stop? My cousin even dragged him to switch to vape and did everything he could, but my dad was like “it’s so annoying to charge and cleaned up the stuff.”. Oh well….

Brandon and Armand were light smokers. Brandon and Armand both smoking socially, the good part, they never actually smoked in front of me.

I practically begged them when I was dating them to smoke in front of me, like I just wanna see it. They refused to do it, but they both did once.

Armand did once when we hung out with his pals, but I throw his pack away because I was crazy like that.

And Brandon, we were in China when we walked and smells an indonesian cigarettes, that kretek one, from this group of indonesian tourists. Brandon asked for one to that old guy and told him ‘he missed indonesian cigarettes.’. Well, it was only one piece so I let him have it and once he finished he was like ‘Sayang I am so so dizzy.’ Yeah right, he was the one telling me kretek was heavy like shit 🤣

I hate to be around the smokers because of the smells the cigarettes left on my clothes eventough I didn’t smoke, but apart from that anyone can do anything.

Wayne and Seb were my half indonesian friends that were a heavy smokers. We went to this club in Bandung at the time and had to pay some entrance fee and they gave us a pack of cigarettes, I normally gave it to them or any of my smokers friend straight away, but that night I didn’t. I told them I was learning to smoke. And they both were like “Don’t, this is a really bad idea. You know how fucking expensive it is in Sydney!”

It is veryyyyyy expensive and I am not the type to burned money like that! But as I said, I was never a smoker, so trying it for the experience to me, was alright.

Oh now that my Dad is way older I hope he reduce his smoking habit. It would be awesome to know he stopped, but well, less likely.

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