A Coconut Story

Fanar Hotel, Salalah – Oman

Seeing all these coconut trees reminds me of something that happened years back.

So the guy I liked went on an island trip with his boys. And they were staying at the hotel that I happened to know the owner. I know, what a small world!

We were texting and then he told me he would be having dinner in a sec.

Then I got an idea. I texted the owner and ordered some fresh coconut for him and the boys, to be given after their meal.

The staff came to their table with the coconuts and the boys rejected it saying, “Must be wrong table, we didn’t order coconuts.”

And the staff said, “This is from Astrid.”

The staff said the boys were seen cheering on the guy I liked. The staff then took some pics to be sent to the owner, which was then sent to me with the caption “Done.” as an evidence 😂

A minute later he thanked me and sent me pics of him and the boys having the coconuts. He then said “We were surprised to get the coconut from you. And the boys told me; you found your wife man.”

And that was probably still the cutest response I got from any lads I met only a couple of times and def made my day!

And it’s just funny how certain things could remind you of a particular occurrence 🤣

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