How I explain things (1)

I generally love to talk about anything, but two, politics and religions. I’m not comfortable talking about something I am not mastering.

I once told my then-boyfriend that I don’t believe in Dinosaurs. His facial expression combined with a thick french accent commenting in disbelief were so cute. He was probably thinking he dated an idiot and said ”Then explain the fossils.”. I’m dead, I was kidding. It was still stupid of me 🤣

So my then-boyfriend was non-Muslim and knows that I am one. He asked me “Do you ever wanted to cover? Like wearing hijab?”

I looked at him and smiled. Honestly, I didn’t expect such a question. So I said ”I do. And at some point in life, I will.”

He touched my hair and said ”No, don’t cover your pretty hair, please. I love seeing your long and dark hair.”

”Exactly. If you think my hair is pretty and I looked good in it, do you actually want to share it with other guys? So when I cover my hair going out and about, think about me reserving the view for your eyes only. No one gets to see it but you. I mean, it’s kind of like that.”

He laughed and said, ”I love the idea! And why don’t you cover now?”

”Just like you said that my hair is pretty, I’m aware of that. So now it’s like my selling point before I get married.” And it was my turned to laugh 😂

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