Oh well…

I was listening to if you’re not the one by Daniel Bedingfield on repeat as I prepared the dinner earlier tonight.

To me the song sounds very so romantic somewhat tragic. So the song served its very purposed to me tonight.

My sis came to the kitchen checking what I was cooking and I randomly said to her “Isn’t it tragic that two guys I loved texting me the week if not the day before they got married and told me how much they loved me but proceed to marry other people anyway? Not that I’m hurt or anything, but I can’t imagine the feeling.”

Then my sis answered “It’s funny isn’t it? that someone you thought was the best for you then, is neither belong to your present nor your future. You know, we have been through a lot and our standards rise and they simply didn’t meet the requirements.”

We all know that the older we gets, we are so gonna be tired of games, we know exactly what we want and how we wanted it to be and our mind wouldn’t tolerate much difference.

And she was probably right. Geez, to think about it again I think I was the one making the most sacrifices to keep the ship sails.

The older I get, the more I realized that I could be very chill or savage when people asked me “When are you gonna get married?” I wrote the details on the previous post, read along.

As I think of it, marriage to me (and most of my generation, I think) has become a voluntary act done more for status and both personal security; financially wise and image security in the eyes of public rather than the commitment itself.

I mean, there are so many parents that couldn’t really wait to financially get rid of their daughter. And if they aren’t getting married by certain ages public will started to talk about it, so the parents put some pressures to their daughter as well. I mean, it’s very sexism that the woman always get the shittiest side.

I mean, I raised by an asian Dad who’s happened to work in the hotel that once told me “I worked and managed the hotel my entire life and there is no way I would let my daughter having ‘an okay’ wedding. The ballroom and the hotel would be ready.”.

LOL jokes on him, my sis had a destinations wedding all the way in the middle east so his dream was crushed once. And will I be having the wedding he hoped he would be making for his other daughter a.k.a me? it’s a NOPE in a capital letter. Sorry Dad.

If I were to get married, I’ll be having destinations wedding as well because it was my dream before my sis done hers. Ideally, New Zealand, still..

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