(not) My Marriage Life

I guess by now my sister and brother in law are probably tired of having me around. Like, they had enough. They got more than what they bargained for. And they keep dragging me into their fight LOL.

So earlier today my sis complained to her husband “You were so noisy, your snoring was just… ugh. It was loud, and baby woke up, but you didn’t seems to be bothered. You still sleep so well. You know, me and baby had a nap at her bedroom yesterday and she woke up when she started to snore, before I could even wake her up to complain. She couldn’t handle her own noise. Try to be like her.”

That was an attack to me. LOL.

As much as I like to think that I don’t snore, but well I do, sometimes, when I am very tired and sleeping in a wrong position.

I remember that time when Brandon bought a lot of DVD’s to watch, so we could stay in the whole week. We weren’t much into Netflix back then. He would buy 2 of his genres, 2 comedies that he think I might like and a drama for me to sob. What can I say?

It was late in the afternoon and he watched some documenter that I had little to no interest but for the sake of love I would watch it with him. But my eyes were heavy, and I ended up collapsed on his lap for a brief minutes before waking up to my own snore!!

“Babe you were…”

I didn’t want him to finished the sentence so I was “yes I was snorking”

He bursted into laugh, soooo loud. I didn’t know what was the laugh for until I realised I said snorking instead of snoring. I sound so stupid and boy… I always complain when he snores, not everyday tho, and sometimes I would ask him to sleep on his side. Does that make me a hypocrite? God only knows.

“Shit I was gonna say snoring. My tongue twisted between snoring and snorkelling.”

Brandon looked at me and said “How did you managed to wake up the first time you snore?”

Honestly, I don’t know why.. but I come up with an explanation “I feel it that my breath was heavy and weird. So I woke up.”

Because that is really what it feels like!!

Brandon couldn’t get it and I didn’t know a better way to explain it either. “okay, that was the first time. I was gonna get my phone to record it.”

Such a devilish little prick.

So I am left wondering does anybody ever had that same kind of experience?

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