Losing my mom (2)

Now I have to state it again that I just turned 19 at that time. And things seemed to be so unreal for me to face.

I sat there in confusion and my Dad’s words earlier sounds like a hurtful echo that repeats itself in my ear getting into my head. My my, 7 months ago I was so eager to moved out and put up my big girl pants on, but given this situation that mom is very sick, I realized that I am barely an adult.

In case you forgot it, the reason why they moved to that city was to earned more money so they could afford my school and my sister school the next year. And the saving that time didn’t looked good.

The insurance from the company where Dads work, didn’t cover a private ICU and some list of medicines. And everyday I took the money out from the ATM and paid the daily bills which were varied from $500-800. It was a lot for us, a middle class family that was trying to get some more money to afford the kids education.

To the point Dad’s account had no more money in it, back home they don’t do joint account. Bigger part of the money was always saved on Mom’s because she handled all financial things, and clearly she was the best one to do it.

I told my Dad that he had no more money on the account and he was calmly said “Take it from Mom’s account.” and gave me Mom’s wallet. With 3 different bank cards, “Which one? and the PIN?”

Dad had no idea of the PIN so it was a dead end to us, as we didn’t want to try 3 times before they blocked the card. We then decided to go to each bank my mom had the account at and to take the money.

We went to the central a and talked to the customer service, and she sent us to her manager only to be told that we can’t withdraw the money because my moms was alive, and needs to make a letter of approval of the withdrawal regardless her medical condition. My Dad was furious and said “Right, as if she was conscious and able to decide something for herself. We need the money for her medication. And clearly, you people don’t care.”

We left central a, and go to the other 2 banks and it was a whole different experiences. The other two banks checked the letter we brought from the hospital, and called the hospital to verified themselves and the money came smoothly.

Couple days later after the incident the doctor called my Dad and me to sit and talked to him regarding my Mom’s condition. He broke down the hardest news of all time to us saying “She was living from her medicine and life supporting devices. I’m afraid she won’t have much time left.”

But Dad won’t give up on Mom just because the doctor said so. He then called hospitals in their hometown, at the city where I studied, that would facilitate my mom’s conditions.

We then got two hospitals that were able to take Mom. But one requires a helicopter transfer to move her because she was unconscious and they wouldn’t want to risk it. Dad agreed to pay $40k for it, and it was only for the transfer.

I didn’t get it why he would agree on that knowing all the money we had left in the bank was only half of it. Then he talked about selling all the cars, and some lands. I agreed we need to do our best for her recovery but selling the cars and lands would tale time, and Mom couldn’t wait.

So we broke down the news to my Oma (Nan’s from Mom), she took a deep breath and then talked to my Dad “I know you love my daughter so much and willing to do everything for her recovery. But we need to talk about healthy people in her life like you, and your daughters. You can’t sell things like that because first of all it takes time, and second you need to think about your kids future if you gonna use all the assets to pay for the medical bills. We can’t do that, we need to find alternative.”

Then they found a new and fully equipped ambulance from another city that charges $4k for the transfer which includes a doctor, nurse and two drivers for the process. So then we decided to take the ambulance instead. We were just trying to be real for the rest of the money to pay for her future medical bills in the new hospital because Dad had to quit his job to cared for Mom and with no income in sight, there was nothing much we could do. And I was the one in charges for the money.

When we decided to moved Mom to her hometown, my sis had to be left alone in the house with our driver and maid. Because she was in year 12 and it was two months to her final exam before she could graduate.

We didn’t know how long she will be left alone there and thought it was not a good idea so we left her at a sister of our mom’s bestfriend house that is more to family than strangers to us. Tante Ida was of Arabic descent she was soooo pretty and so nice to us. She was the one helping us so much when Mom was sick, and that time she was also recently lose her husband of cancer, so we were really made each other strong. So we left my sister $500 in cash for an emergency.

So we went to the hometown and transfer to the new hospital was done smoothly. My Dad came to me and said “Now that we are here, go back to your place. You need to go back to school. You can always come after class. Okay? We got a lot of family here.”

I was unsure but then agreed to it. Then I came back to my flat. I checked with my friends if there will be any class tomorrow and told them I would come.

Friday morning I came to the class and everyone been asking what was happening. I did told them what I knew and went straight home after class. My then boyfriend Armand was gonna come to visit my Mom. Armand was living in another city so I would have to help him arranged where he was gonna stay.

I had a make up class the next day on saturday morning so I told my Dad I would come straight to the hospital after the class tomorrow. It was mainly because I was living up north and the hospital was down the south, and the traffic would be very bad on the weekend.

I failed to show up to my make up class as I woke up around 9am in the morning to hundreds of missed call from a lot of different people. And I thought it was so strange. But I didn’t give them a call back because it was a lot of different people.

I jumped to my laptop to check on my twitter because I was getting a lot of messages and my twitter for blackberry keep crashing.

I logged in into it and my mentions was flooded with condolences. I was like “What?”. I remember replying to most of them that my mom was still in the hospital, we just moved her two days ago and she is here town now.

I gave my Dad a call and asked “Dad what happened to Mom? is everything alright?”

“Mom is fine. Just come here as soon as you finished with your things okay.”

It was a weird weird time. Then Ronnie, my bestfriend since I was a new kid in year 5 called and straight up asked me “Where the fuck are you? I saw it on the twitter. Is that true?”

“I am at my place, yeah I saw it too. And honestly I don’t know, I called my Dad he said everything was fine. I am gonna get ready and go to the hospital now.”

Ronnie yelled at me and said “Stay at your place, I am coming with my driver to you now. We gonna go to the hospital together.”

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