My Wisdom Teeth Extractions

My teeth were pretty straight. Thanks to the braces I had back in the days. I had braces for 3 years and took it off when I moved overseas because at that time I just didn’t feel like dealing with a dentist every week in my new place, in a new country.

So my wisdom teeth on my bottom left cheek started to grow when I was 21 years old, and it never came out completely. I am quite regular at the dentist for at least once in 6 months. And I remember when I was living in Malaysia my dentist told me I shouldn’t worry about my wisdom teeth because it just started to grow and I would only need extraction when it’s troubling me.

I saw a lot of videos on the internet that people be acting crazy because of the anaesthesia sedation. I came to Indonesia by the end of last year for a week to see my Dad before he moved to Papua. Before that, I haven’t seen him for nearly two years. But he rushed to move and already left when I got there.

So then I arranged my week in Indonesia to catch up with my indo dentists. My gum was painful and I thought it has something to do with my wisdom teeth and I was right. I went to the dentist on my second day and he straight up told me “We need to do some scan, and check your roots position.”.

Fast forward I had to remove two wisdom teeth on my left cheek that were never fully out and hurts my gum and inner cheeks. But I just got to indo, and I want to be able to eat a lot, so I arranged to do the procedure two days before I came back home to Sydney.

I threw a Halloween party the night before at the bar and quite tipsy. I was staying at my heavily pregnant cousin because she insisted to see me, and in the culture we just have to grant the pregnant lady wish.

The very next day I woke up with a headache and drive myself to the dentist. They took out two teeth in 2 hours surgery. 6 stitches all together, they had to cut my teeth it two because they both were leaning way to cozy to the neighbouring tooth, and voila, my cheeks were swollen as big as it could be.

Surprisingly I was able to drive myself home to my cousins. I was kinda sad cause I thought I would hallucinating and someone had to pick me up and drive me home, but nope. What was even worse? by the time I got back at hers, she forgot my surgeries and cooked me all nice solid foods that I could only smell….. A torture, and pure hell.

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