Post Break-up Trip

So by now you know how close my relationship with Oom Adhi and his family. I am very close with Noah, their first born that was only three years younger than me, and he actually had much more things in common with me than my own sister. I get along with Savannah but she is a very shy young lady and very much a hardcore homebody unlike me and her brother.

When I broke up with Brandon, I texted Oom Adhi and Elsa that I was coming down to Singapore for a break up solo trip. Which they were gladly replied “Bring your ass down here fast.” And so I went there the following week so that Noah will be there as well.

I was sitting in the balcony with Noah playing guitar to Bizarre love triangle by frente, which was so sad somewhat tragic for me to listen to, couple days prior to break up.

I asked Noah to see the pictures from Anfield without telling him that I spotted Brandon there prior to the break up. I keep scrolling and zooming and my mind was clearly somewhere not there.

Noah took his phone and said “You good hey? What’s the deal with that Brandon guy? Mom and Dad told me you guys…”

“Yeah pretty much. Remember the other day when I was here alone and you taught me how to use tinder? I remember I’ve seen it somewhere and it was on Brandon’s phone, so I was tryna find a solid prove that he’s on tinder by using passport. I wanted to caught him red handed. But well life threw me the harsher truth that I could imagine I would be getting.”

Followed by the fact that he was there, kind of witnessed it but didn’t noticed. I showed him the capture of the photo tagged on Brandon’s and the girl before the blocked war happened and the picture he took around the same time in Anfield.

“Oh shit, what are the odds?? I swear, if I realized it was him back then I would’ve done something for you. But hey what is done is done. Anyway, you still got tinder on your phone? It’s time to meet someone new.”

Next thing I knew Noah was updating my profile and swiping on behalf of me. And my God how weird it was to get back into a dating game after soo long? Like, I was always someone’s girlfriend and two boyfriend I had was in such a long term. And by the time I was single the whole dating scheme had an absolute upgrade, I had no idea it would be that much advance. It’s almost like walking outside of the cave to a new modern world I know nothing about. I swear it does felt like that.

Elsa came to us saying “It’s only 5pm and why are you guys sitting here in the balcony? go out and have fun. You are not coming here just to stay at home are you? We booked a table for you and Noah to dine out tonight in Lolly at 7:30pm, Savannah is not feeling well so she is definitely not coming and we are just gonna order some food and stay in with her. So you two better get ready. “

Noah handed my phone “I matched you with a cool guy I think you might like, I told him we’re going to Lolly for dinner and that you are free after to grab some drinks. Don’t be scared, I would be your wingman watching you from a good distance.”

I was not ready for a rebound date or relationship ever. I just broke up for two weeks and I was still in pretty much my sad mode. I checked my phone and he matched me with a German guy, possibly tourist, what in the world Noah’s thinking.

After dinner we decided to go to Clarke Quay, and Noah brought me to this hype club and texted the guy to meet there. I was so so nervous. And I didn’t think it was a good idea.

Noah and I stood nearby the bar overlooking the entrance and to be honest he seemed to be more invested on this rebound date than me.

After 15 minutes of waiting, my tinder date came into the scene; he was tall and shining. By shining I mean, he was blonde and when the lights shined on him he was literally shining. Remember when Edwards Cullen’s skin shining under the natural sun lights? it was like that, it was beautiful and also terrifying.

“Noah, that’s the guy.. that’s our guy. oh my gosh, I can’t do this, I can’t do this Noah!!! Oh my, he’s shining, oh no, let’s just go.”

And Noah was like “Go and talk to him!! Cinderella has to be home by midnight, remember? Tik tok tik tok.”

I gathered all the courage in the world to come and say hi to him. The club was quite packed and loud, I remember I ended up shouted “Hey are you Eric? I’m Astrid.” while my hands were reaching for a handshake. It was very awkward.

Eric was smiling at me and whisper to my ear “Hi Astrid, I’m Eric! Shall we get something to drink to ease the tension?”

Noah was gone from the bar. So I had to text him his whereabouts and made sure he was still around. He sent me a snapchat of me and Eric from the back captioning “Don’t turn around.”

I didn’t really talk much at first with Eric because my awkward handshake attempt, but good God Eric was so chill and cool. Turned out he wasn’t a tourist, he was an exchange students in the NUS and gonna be in Singapore for another 3 months. We had so much fun dancing to Justin Bieber – Sorry. Yeah I know what a song 🤣

The club was getting very crowded as it was approaching midnight. Then Noah came to me with a girl and introduced himself to Eric like “Hi Eric, yes I know your name is Eric because I was the one swiping for her. And sis, this is my girlfriend Jo. Jo meet my dearest cousin Astrid and her date Eric. Shall we wrapped up now? I promised Mom and Dad to bring cinderella home by midnight.”

Right, now it does make sense, of course Noah was so calm to be a wingman, he asked the girlfriend to came along. And my God, Joanna was so pretty, she is American of Syrian-Palestinian-Mexican background. I mean, does mixed kids always attracted to another mixed kids??

We walked out of the club together and made a small talk. Eric wanted to take me out for breakfast the next day and it’s in my 100 rules that you don’t say no to food, so I did say yes. Noah teased me the whole way back home, which was kinda annoying but, in a nice way. My cousin was a genius!

The next day Eric picked me up from Oom Adhi’s place and I thought we were gonna have breakfast somewhere but he brought me to the botanical garden and did a small picnic. He brought sandwiches, apple juices, milks and fruits… and I couldn’t be any more touched than that. In my head I was like “what is this guy up to? no good?”

We talked about life and stuff and oh my God, this guy was really cool. I once said I was not into blonde guy, but then I realised my preference was never physical, I like who I liked.

That post break up trip turned out to be the best decision ever!! Because I really never knew I needed a rebound. The coolest part was Eric understand my situation and we did not forced anything. My first tinder date experience was waaay better than I expected. And that short weekend trip was really memorable.

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