Wanderlust by design

According to the wikipedia, wanderlust is a strong desire to wander or travel and explore the world. And those who have it referred as a wanderlust person.

I left home for uni when I was 18 years old. And things were different for me when I lived on my own, I have a little to no restrictions, in pretty much anything, do as I pleased, so I could travel a lot more.

My Dad is the type of parents that loved to show up unannounced at their kids place. So that time he worked and lived in a different state, 7hrs from my place. He randomly showed up with a lot of weird reasons, like; he need a place to take a nap or he was hungry and wanted me to buy him food…

Well, Dad spent half of his live working and living in the hotel but he wholeheartedly hates eating out at the restaurant, he prefer to do the takeout and still gotta eat them at home.

He once came late at night and told me he needed a place to crash, I couldn’t say no, of course, but I also couldn’t tell him I got an early flight the next day at 6am to Singapore. My sister was living with me that time, she’s his favorite so I trusted her when she told me she would handle Dad the next day.

Of course he was surprised the next day when he didn’t find me there. He then proceeded to complain to me of how excessive my traveling was to his standard. But I let it slide.

I travel and shopping a lot but I was already start my own business and asked no penny from him to fund any of my trip. So I found his complained irrelevant.

He then complain again at a family gathering telling everyone he have such a rich daughters. So I fired back. He forgot the story that mom and him purposely flown back to the motherland when mom was heavily pregnant, with the hope that I could born in the airplane and make it so I got a free ride for life.

And he was like “Right…”

I looked at him and said “Dad you technically designed me to be like this. This was your plan. Imagine if I were really born in the airplane and got that free ride for life, you’ll definitely see me less than you already experienced now. We both know I will put the good use of the free ride right? I am a wanderlust by design, I love you but I got my own adventure, you just gotta trust me I have money for it, I could protect myself and be safe along the way.”

And he never say a word about our traveling habit after that. But I mean, after all, he just need a little bit of explanation so he could grasp the concept and understand how the traveling works for our sanity.

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