The person you love or the person who loves you?

This is probably one of that never ending topic of discussion yeah. And don’t attack me.

When it comes down to “Who will you choose? the person you love or the person who loves you?” answers may varied, and let me assure you that there is no wrong answer to it.

And what I mean by people you love does not always necessarily mean your crush or anyone you romantically involved with. Those people you treat like a VIP in your life where they might be just another human being for others says it all.

I personally can’t answer that question because I really can’t decide. Of course, I want the person I love that loves me back equally. I mean, we all do right? but again that is not always the case and you have to agree with me.

I genuinely think if you EVER find yourself in that situation of choosing between going with the one who loves you (and who you probably don’t love as much) or going with the one you love (and who probably doesn’t love you as much) would costs you a great headache and dilemma. But count your blessing mate, how lucky you are to be in love and being loved? even when the case is not from the same person.

Also, do you ever noticed that the party who holds power in the relationship is the one who is less interested or less invested in it? meanwhile, the other party who is so into the relationship and invested in it will be very vulnerable to the pain that might occur? Which means the relationship is sucks and we all should not stay in that kind of toxic relationship.

As a hopeless romantic, (oh I did say this a lot didn’t I?), I found myself as the one who loves the most regardless what other party has done to me, be in friendship or romantic relationship. Sure, I enjoy being loved but there is a sense of joy I could not explain in giving someone more love.

God knows I’ve been hurt, badly, and I am still healing up to this point. Well, learning from the experience, I want to be very sure the next person in my life is given much love. Because everyone needs a little love every now and then, if it’s not every time.

I simply put myself in the case of I didn’t know what was happening to their life before me and I vow not to be an extra problem for them. Because when you spread the love and good vibes, believe me, the good karma is on your side.

To love someone unconditionally can be at the cost of your ego but you also have to remember that it should never be at the cost of self-respect. When your love is not appreciated and when your worth is not being valued, walk away mate, really.

So put your chin up, enough is enough. And in case you didn’t realised, you could always be a loving and caring person, just not to that coldhearted one that made you feel worthless.

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