Body Goals

So I’ve been really busy doing yoga every night for a month now. I normally do it twice a week with a dance class in between back home in Straya, which make me working out three times a week in total.

I excessively spam my social media for my workout progress and weeks ago Clark asked me who’s my body goals role model…

I had a hard time answering it because honestly the media perceptions on how beauty and womans body should be are surprisingly focus on how small their waist is, and how big their boobs and butts… duh.

I’ve been thiccc my whole life and I couldn’t think of anyone quite my body type that I’d like to become. To be clear I’m only 5’3, I don’t think I could find any models my height that I’d like to make her my role model.

Think I’m just gonna make my own body goals, embracing what it is with a consistent workout and right fat distribution. I’m competing with no one but myself 💃🏽

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