The importance of being multilingual

I’ve seen people sharing their thought these days on pretty much every social media platform I have on how they wished to be multilingual.

Now that they got so much time on their hands they decided to start learning again, I wholeheartedly feel you.

Personally, we’re a trilingual household to start with. I was sent to a private islamic school in primary and I started to speak arabic when I was 6 years old. I then took private French in middle school and learned German my entire high school years. Then learned a bit of Korean on summer school, and took another Korean class when I was working at the corporate. Mate it’s a lot.

And am I good at those languages? I wished.

The verdict, you will never good at it if you don’t use it, you will never understand it if you never learned it seriously, you will never remember it if you don’t refresh it.

Just find any reasons you could think of to start with and let it motivates you.

For the love of KPOP and Korean drama you learned Korean? GO FOR IT. You watched telenovela so much you wanted to learn Spanish? GO FOR IT. You wanted to study in Europe (like me) and thinking of learning German, French or even Dutch? GO FOR IT. You read Quran and wanted to understand it better so you learn Arabic? GO FOR IT. I even learned Danish at some point when I was dating Brandon. A wrong reason to start but it sure as heck motivates me.

Find whatever method that works for you, and let NOTHING stopped you.

Honestly if you’re non native English and thinking as long as your English is good it will be enough to conquer the world, then you might want to think again mate… really.

Think about how many job opportunities you could land when you speak 3 languages, say, English, Arabic and Mandarin (and btw those are killer combo) and mate, the world is in your hands, and you’re like opening so many doors that could lead you anywhere.

Let’s think of it as an ‘upsell’ for yourself. Life is not as easy as you may think it is. Facts.

Life is full of competitions along the way and it really is what you bring to the table that makes you stand out of these billions people, what makes you unique amongst them all.

There’s NO SUCH THINGS as too late, unless you’re dead. And DO NOT worry of making mistakes, it’s alright and you learned from it.

Do at your own pace, everyone starts somewhere and no matter how hard it is, don’t you EVER fucking stop.

DO NOT sell yourself short, thinking you can’t do such things. You CAN, but your negative thought got the best of you.

This might sounds lame but, hard work really paid off.

Groetjes uit Midden-Oosten.

Astrid XOXO


  1. Came across your blog and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. All feels effortlessly well-written šŸ™‚ I myself have started learning French since last year and at the very least it feels awesome to be able to put “French” under the Language section on your LinkedIn profile, lol. Anw, greetings from a new follower!


    1. thank you so much, this means a lot.
      and you go girl!! I know French is not easy, and God I know the feeling, took a while for me to write down all the languages I speak on LinkedIn as well, but don’t stop!

      Liked by 1 person

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