Escape from the Hospital

So yesterday 10th of May was my sis wedding anniversary that marked their 2nd year of marriage, forever to go, they said.

I got a funny, tragic story to tell about a backstory of that.

Is there anyone here whose NEVER been hospitalised? Like, your whole life?

Me neither until that very day. So, that day, I woke up at 6am, like always, and just basically getting ready to go to my corporate work. My body was in ache so bad, ladies monthly problem everyone…

So I cough and fell down on my knee instantly, next to my bed. It hurts, so so bad. You have no idea.

I was thinking of call in sick, but then again, if it get worse, no one would be around to send me to the hospital. So I was like, ‘fuck it let’s go’.

Things got worse when I forced myself to drive all the way to the office, the bumpy road and stuff made my back hurts badly. It only get worse when I arrived at the office, I could hardly got up from my car seat.

I, again, forced myself to walk in, straight to my desk. I put my bag in the drawer and boom, I couldn’t stood up for the morning briefing. It was so sooo painful, I started to scream and cried, loudly. It was very loud and you could practically hear it up to the second floor and you know what? they thought I was possessed, duh.

My feet turned cold and every movement was painful to do. So they called the hospital and sent me ambulance almost straight away and next thing I knew I was ready for some lower body X-ray scan.

It was 4 days prior to my one week holiday to attend my sis wedding, halfword away in Oman, and I couldn’t think of anything else but it!! It was already a drama to asked my office to let me go for a week unpaid leave, because I handled complex customers, but my Korean GM was really the best kind of boss and he was okay with it. Anyway, with me being admitted to the hospital days before my leave was just not wise anymore to me, because of how it looked to everyone. They would all say I should stay and rest.

So after some time they send me to the bedroom and a doctor came and told me I have to stay in so they can check the whole thing.

I mean, it made so much sense to stay in the hospital because the pain was so, soooooo bad and I was heavily sedated to calm me down. But how things gonna worked out my way?

I was living on my own in that city, my Dad and my big family lived in another cities. First thing first, I told the HR and everyone not to tell my parents and family because if they do I will be staying longer in the hospital and I wouldn’t be there on my sis wedding. I was cooperative and did whatever the doctor told me. My housemates even stayed the night at the hospital to keep me company and assisted me with shits.

Third day passed, checking after checking, they kind of had a conclusion of what was happening with me. I had a hips and back trauma from a motorbike accident (free fall 3m deep to the river, the bike was on top of me, I was the passenger) when I was 16, and it affected my spinal disk movement and somehow hit me again that time, nearly a decade away after the incident.

It was still really really bad, after three days in the hospital I couldn’t even sit, I was just laying in the bed weakly. And honestly with only one day left I have to recover, we all knew that I would not make it.

I was trying to rearrange my flight with emirates but two days prior to the flight it cost me $1k for one way trip which was too much, because I paid only $1,5k for roundtrip flight.

So my flight would be on the midnight, on my 4th day in the hospital. With that very limited option, I had to use my last string. Morning check, I told the doctor I would like to reassigned to another hospital at my family’s hometown so there would be someone to look after me and keep me company. Of course the doctor said no, straight away because I couldn’t even stand.

I had some hours left to convince another doctor on second check up, but I also haven’t packed anything, so I need time for that as well. And I didn’t even know the bus schedule to the airport which was three hours away, if there’s no traffic, and mate emphasise on the traffic because Jakarta was the worst kind of place. I left with no choice.

I jumped out of bed in pain, trying to hold my shit together and walked to the doctors office to tell them I was strong enough to leave and admitted to another hospital closer to my family. I insisted. They then let me go with a letter of agreement that both parties need to sign, which more or less sounds ‘I would be on my own and would not sue anyone if there is anything happen to me when I walked out of the hospital’. As hard and as crazy as it sounds I just had to signed it.

Martha, my housemates was there and she was the champ. She brought me home and helped me out with stuff. And there was only one other problem, to get me to the airport. As much as Martha willing like to help, she couldn’t drive. Daisy, my other housemates can. But she was somewhere in Jakarta meeting her parents.

After talking to Daisy for some time.. I decided to drive a little off Jakarta and met Daisy there so she could drive me to the airport. It was very dramatic. really. Uber would’ve been easier but it was intercity and they couldn’t do that. Martha was with me in the car cause she was so worried to let me go on my own, and I also worried to go by myself.

So I made to see Daisy and she sent me to the airport. My hips and back still hurts badly and I got all the fever chills. But I made it to the airport safe, and still managed to fly to another side of the world, even in so much pain.

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