Couple days ago I read something on the internet that has been stuck in my head ever since… Which more or less says:

If you’re about to tell someone you liked them and you have no idea how they will receive it, they probably don’t feel the same way you do.

Love is a sure and natural thing. If you two have a true connection, confessing your love will not feel like a drama; instead, it will feel like a happy ending to an already good story.

DAMN, I was triggered to my core.

I mean, I’m an open book, always. I naturally don’t say ‘I love you’ much, not even to my parents, because I really think I don’t actually need to say it because my action shows it all.

I am very, very sensitive, especially if it’s family matter. And when I say I love you to my Dad I started to cry before I could even finished my sentence.

That is what I called drama. Confessing my love to anyone is always a drama for me because my sensitive ass could never hold my tears. Honestly, I don’t know why. It could probably means I love you that much, I could not actually expressed it in words, and I just started to get panic and burst into tears.

So if you are wondering if I ever love you at all, you don’t need to ever question it, because I made sure that you feel the love I have for you. In a way, my action speaks louder than words. You got me?

Well, dating these days are so confusing. We all know there are too much label to one simple situation, like; friends for benefit, fuck buddy, no string attached, which are pretty much stays in the ‘friendzone’.

Hmmm a clarity would be nice, to know where we stand and see if the feeling is mutual. Because it really sucks not to know what is actually happening between us. To be fair, the thought of the relationship going to that level of depth is frightening for me, I kinda want us just pass it off as a casual thing, so we can just keep going on the comfortableness of whatever level our relationship was at.

But as a hopeless romantic, at the back of my mind I just know that when I love someone, it doesn’t even matter to me if he is in my life in a romantic way or not, I just want us to be in each others’ lives. And that is also okay . . .

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