Social media life

Sam and I communicates in a meme form, nearly on daily basis. We tagged each other on facebook and instagram.

Couple years back Sam deleting his facebook profile because he didn’t feel like using it anymore, which I thought was weird. His family got his numbers and his friends were pretty much on instagram as well so he was fine with the idea of not be on facebook anymore.

Earlier this year, he deactivated his instagram account. And guess who was the first one to noticed his disappearance from that world? of course, me. I noticed it as fast as couple hours after he deactivated it, on the same day!

So I texted him asking why his instagram was gone. His answer was “When I was in the hospital I realized something. From all of my friends in there, only few asked me how am I doing, whether I am still alive and stuff. So I’m saying goodbye to my social media life.”

I mean… now I kinda got it why Sam did what he did, I feel exactly what he felt. Being stranded thousand miles away from people I loved, I kinda noticed who really gives a shit about me.

I feel like there is really no use of having so many people following me on instagram that only likes me picture if I showed them some skin. They never even bother to check my captions, where more often than not, are my form of screaming for help.

I have been deactivating my instagram for just a little over the week. The first people to noticed my disappearance were the girls I lived with in Sydney. They all rushed to my iMessage, messenger, whatsapp to checked on me. Then yesterday Hugh and Adam rushed to my whatsapp.

I wasn’t expecting Hugh to noticed it at all, cause we didn’t talk these days, but considering meme was also our form of communication, I knew that sooner or later he would find it out.

Meanwhile Adam, he’s my local friend here that lived in the capital, Muscat. He is my informant of the border and stuff because he happened to be a pilot. I noticed that the aviations are the first people to know about border closing and reopening before any normal citizen would. So yeah that also makes sense for him to noticed my disappearance because we were talking quite frequently.

Sam told me it was at least 3 months for people on his circle to noticed that he was gone from the social media . But my goal to deactivated my instagram was never about finding out who gives a shit about me. I was more scared to see all the news back home in Sydney and pretty much anything sizzling on my timeline that was corona-related. I’ve had enough. I never wanted to be gone just to be found, no, it was never my intention.

I just want a peace of mind to not to think about all those crazy things for a while because my head been absorbing that for over two months. Especially with nothing much going on in my life apart from this blog and my baby nephew, I’m overwhelmed.

I noticed my other close friend, Clark was missing from facebook, so I reached out to him.. and well, he said facebook has been a great distraction for him so he needed a break from it.

But then again I noticed that I’ve been working hard on my branding, this whole tropical babe thing, so it is just hard to think right straight now. Because you know I also got my makeup artistry instagram to run and it has been pretty weird not checking mine.

So up to this day, I found so many people I know are withdrawing themselves from social media, for multiple reasons. And I do really think people in my generation started to lose their interest on social media, like the idea of its existence is not appealing to them anymore.

I just hope I would overcome my depression in this weird weird time of our lives and wanted to come back on it healthier in mind and more positive attitude towards it. Until then, I’ll be hanging out here.

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