Lady Boss

You probably by now noticed how passionate I am about doing my business.

Because I truly am very passionate about all the things I do.

2012/2013 me and my sister started to run an online business and a personal shopper.

We both love traveling and shopping so much, and noticed that we needed to do something to keep our hobbies going without putting our credit card to its maximum limit because uhm, well, way back then Dad’s paying….

So whenever we scored a cheap ticket to Singapore or KL (both are our favorite and closest country to shops when we still living in indonesia), we announced people in our circle that we were gonna go abroad to shopping and could bring them whatever they need from the country we’re visiting.

We charged people start from $15-$50 depends on the items for the service and normally use the highest currency rate, and round them to make things easier to calculate.

And if the personal shopper lists were low, we bought a lot of discounted stuff in the country we were visiting and sell it back home with the normal price and stuff. I mean we decided how much we want to make profit out of that which was also not bad at all.

I went to South Korea and bought makeup worth $3k and sold it back home for $5k which was alright to me because it covers my travel.

Yup, we didn’t always go to earn so much profit, if we could managed to cover the travel expenses that’s also a win for us because we truly love traveling so much and willing to do anything for a free travel and shopping (eventough the stuff aren’t ours) like that. You got me?

Oh… God knows how many makeup I owned, and I didn’t even use them all, I purchased out of love, i love it i buy it.

So my one of my bestfriend Dila has just started her makeup artistry course and I was the self taught one. On our free time, we often sit together and do ourselves some makeup, until one day in 2016 I got an idea to brand ourselves as a makeup artist.

Okay Dila was the artist, art graduate student (in music lol) but what I am trying to say here is she got the artsy taste. And I am a business graduate, a hustler and monetize pretty much everything I can get my hands on.

She was hesitant to do it with me at first as she was generally a shy person when she is in a new environment. But she is a fun and bubbly personality when she is vibing with the surrounding. And she didn’t know ‘how to sell‘ ourselves.

Worry not, Astrid is a natural born entrepreneur so she did what she knows best. We then partner up with our friend, that was a photographer to make a stunning portfolio, oh yes it is so, very (i can’t stress it enough) important for the business. We were on a tight budget so we model it ourselves, my sister was helping as well, and we got couple other friends that was willing to help to be our model.

We started off as an unpaid team for a photo hunting events, for two months, just enough to get us some portfolio we needed for our brand and off we go…

On the third months we started to take the some small service fee from the customers. We didn’t make much, as we only charged $10 bucks as a promotional price, because we need a lot more people to recognize our brand, and that won’t happened when they can’t see our actual works. One day we did 8 make up for my sis and her 8 friends for their formal dinner, and mate it was intense lol.

So word-of-mouth was working pretty well for us to start with. We then able to charged triple the price on the 4th months and the price stays for another six month, and I increased the price by 16,5% every 6months or so.

Now 4 years later, as our community grow, and we got our brand quite settle, we were able to charge 700% from our first promotional price for regular service. And yes, we do makeup for photoshoot and wedding too. Which make us so much bigger than we were.

My routine was monday-friday in the corporate, and weekend I was fully hands on, in the business. It was hectic but I love what I was doing!

My next goal for the business is to expand it to be a notable wedding vendor. The covid outbreak made it reaaaally slow but I am very positive of our hustle and our future in it.

So hopefully one day, I will be able to really just do whatever I love to be doing and let the money works for me. And as a firm believer of law of attraction, I believe I was born to be a ladyboss, and I write my own paychecks.

I got this 😉

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