A boy named Ben

I’ve read so many articles saying that boys and girls are naturally can’t be just friends. I just feel like I have to point this out. Stating “can’t” is a bit too much for this matter, where actually I thought we “CAN” totally be friends, it’s just gonna be a little bit of confusing and a roller coaster ride along the way.

For the start, I was never really a tomboy, I just happened to be friend with boys because they are less drama, right?

Secondary school, I had a boy (space) friend called Ben. Our school had a pretty weird rules stating that girls and boys can’t be sitting in the same desk. Hello? it was a desk for two and your rules just sounds so ridiculous to me, so without a care in the world I sat with Ben. The teachers also got bored of telling us to sit separately. We only did on religions class tho.

Ben is mostly quiet, tech savvy kinda boy, and super funny to my standard. We both speak in the same level of sarcasm and had our dark jokes that only us can get it.

Ben had a curly dark hair that I swear to God looks like a sheep fur, I mean, that’s what it looked to me. He always attempt to grow his beard through mid school, which he totally couldn’t as he got only one freaking strict out of his chin. Honestly, it was a super weird goal.

Ben strategically placed his hand facing up on my chair just when I was about to sit and grabbed my butt like that. I swear I slapped him to the next life for that behaviour but well, Ben is Ben.

Ben was always doing something weird. He laminated $50 bill, showed it to me and proudly said “I will have something to show my grandkids how $50 looked like on my era.”

OF COURSE, I yelled at him. I knew he laminated $1, $5, and $10 bills, but 50 bucks is just too much mate, especially for a middle schooler, because you could literally spent it for something really useful. Also, your grandkids will have access to history books and they will see it anyway. But I told ya, Ben is a weirdo, but nice, if you know him in a deep personal level like me, you know he was just like that.

Ben and I was also a business partner, for real. I was in the student council and was pretty famous, and Ben was a regular student. As I told you, Ben was a tech savvy kid. Back then I owned Nokia N70 and he got Nokia 6600, both Symbian phone, he somehow managed to customised his home theme, and it was really cool. So I asked him to download some girly girl cool theme for my phone.

With the help of my charm, my popularity and my power, I showed everyone how cool my theme were, and next thing we knew we got lots of theme order. We sold it $5 for 3 themes. Which was a bargain. I was the marketing, Ben was the tech guy and we split it 50:50. Of course, we made some good money for some 14 years old kid.

I had a very conflicted behavior in middle school. I was a famous student council at school that naturally wanted to always looked smart. I won competitions, I was a majoret and composer in the marching band, a school radio announcer. But I was also a rebel 🤣 I always sneaks out to the cafetaria in the middle of the class to buy chips and ice cream, and Ben would always down to do it with me.

One day we were at the computer laboratory and had to do some online test, but the internet was down so the test was cancelled and we ended up playing games. There was one math teachers, Mr. Isaac, that had no class to teach and hung out with us playing games in the lab. Ben thought it was too boring. So he arranged the whole classmates to go out one by one without Mr. Isaac noticing. And locked the teachers in. As if it was not enough trouble for him, he then walked outside the window of the lab, smiling and waving the key to Mr.Isaac. I mean, Ben was a total weirdo.

At the end of school year, we parted ways, as in going to different school. Ben went into some tech vocational high school, and I went into public high school around my neigborhood. As far as I remember we never hung out anymore after that.

Some years later we had a middle school mini catch up, and Ben’s best friends were there, Mike. He then revealed that back then Ben was into me, but never had the intention to let me know, because he did not want to lose our friendship over a silly puppy love.

Years after that, Ben and I connected on facebook and told me the things Mike revealed to me, which wasn’t much of a news anymore. Well we were still cool after that. I moved abroad, here and there and somehow lost contact with him.

Last time I heard he was getting married. I was really happy with our friendship and how it worked though. He was one remarkable friend that I dedicated a post for..

Well Ben, I hope you got to show your grandkids those laminated bills you had. Ciao..

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