Life in Lockdown (6)

So we’re back at the life update in the dessert land.

As I mentioned before, the lockdown in Oman was supposed to be finished on April 22nd. Given the circumstances, the local government decided to extend the lockdown period for another two weeks, until May 8th 2020.

The saddest part of it is the fact that all muslim in the world are experiencing a very different Ramadan this year. I mean, now the mosque is empty on daily basis, there will be no tarawih allowed in there, and presumably the mass gathering on Eid will be also dismissed this year.

Remember years ago when we thought 2012 was gonna be the end of the world? The mayans predictions and stuff? What if those people misread the prediction? and what if it was actually 2021 instead of 2012? So should we all be preparing for imminent apocalypse? well, with this whole virus outbreak was crazy in 2020… there’s that to think about.

I’ve been missing Ramadan night market, food bazaar, and stuff that only happened once a year. I’ve been living in three (this is the fourth by accident) countries and spent Ramadan in those countries and the night market was never a fail.

The tradition of catching up with your pals over Iftar, inviting them over to your house or just go somewhere for it are surely not gonna happen this year.

In Indonesia, there is this culture to go home to your parents or grandparents on Eid so they could celebrate it with the big family in their hometown. And I heard the government is cancelling the Eid holiday and no one is practically allowed to go back to their hometown. How sad is that.

So my Dad been living in Papua for some time, and he just got laid off due to this virus outbreak, imagine how hard for us (the kids) to hear that. I mean, of course the tourism industry got hit so hard by this. The saddest part, he can’t leave the place because of course, there is no flight until at least May 8th 2020. Poor my old man. And the only thing we could do for him these days are just sending him his grandson, my nephew, pic on daily basis to cheer him up.

No one knows when this shit will end, for good, but we all just know life will never gonna be the same.

And by the way, Ramadan Kareem from the Arabic land to anyone celebrating. My first time here by accident, and the most different experience in my life by far. This marked the 4th country I’ve been living and spending Ramadan at, which is a positive note to look at things these days. May God grant us health to get through whatever happening in the world. Amin.

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