I write things about other guys too..

At this point, it is safe to say that I am a self proclaimed, hopeless romantic. In the previous post I cited about my text to Sam, which was;

If no one is interested to fully know us, we should not bother to pursue. Given the circumstances, we don’t have all the time in the world to invest on someone who never seems to be interested to work on us at the first place.

Okay, let’s say, these guys I met along the way shaped my ideal type of guy, personality wise. Physically? As long as he’s taller than me, for at least 15cm, we gravy mate.

All these years there were only two guys whose seemed to be interested to know my character or my life in general through my blogs, and they were Kaleb and Neal.

Kaleb was always seemed to be excited to read my blog every now and then (when were dating) and always has a shit to throw at me, but he’s always right. And Neal, was the fastest in history I fell for a guy that hard, he was literally my person, with so many similarity and shit, and yes it was scary!!

Okay, long distance relationship is hard, especially when both were too busy with their own things. I know this sounds weird but for some reasons I can only fall for a guy that lives at least 100kms away from me. No, no, the real reason was no one in the neighbourhood finds me attractive, so I literally had to go extra mile to find someone that is into me and compatible with me. And if you think I’m joking, I wished I was.

So I always think I am an alpha female in pretty much every aspects of life, and honestly I find it hard in the dating life because I’m just so dominant. You can’t tell me I’m wrong without giving me solid explanation and help me to understand why I was wrong, so before that happened I will argue.

Kaleb was everything, he was the clown in the relationship and he just got that good vibe in him that you wanted to be around. So he grew up a little bit in Indonesia, and I think that was what made us so much closer in the beginning of relationship. The saddest part is that I was in Sydney, and he was in France, Switzerland or The Netherland so much for the business. My Sydney life was one hell of a life, I was freaking busy day and night, I barely see people. And it was my fault. I was supposed to be studying in Europe anyway, the Netherland or Belgium but my life taking so much detour here and there. I even thought of Hungary at one point, so the detour all the way down to the land down under was kind of unplanned. And made our relationship life harder. We both eventually agreed to end the romantic ties in us and just go as a friend, like we used to. So there was no hard feeling at all. And we still talking every now and then just to roasted each other pretty much. If there’s anyone in the world that encouraged me to go back in the dating life so much, that would be him, for real. I mean, since we broke up, it’s not that I don’t date, I mean there was Hugh, casually be part of my story. But meeting someone with the same wavelength and shits with you is SO RARE. So it can’t be forced.

And there was Neal. This super tall, charming lawyer straight up from the movie scene, that has (nearly) the exact same taste in things with me that always seemed too good to be true. I mean, I don’t have much vocabularies to explain how the connection between us was sooo clicked, instantly. Mate, it was the first time instant clicked, ever. Given the fact that he lives in UAE and knows the muslim and Middle Eastern culture was also a plus, sooo comforting, again, I can’t describe it. For the records, I also find it hard to believe that he was once fall for me hard, as per his confessions. And he was Belgian. Now tell me if it was nothing but a coincidence.

Neal shorta find my blog by accident when he wanted to find my instagram. Now, should I say surprisingly or unsurprisingly that he actually read it? I feel both ways. I was kinda feel attacked when he read and remember the lines and discussed it with me. I MEAN, wow wow chill. You don’t actually read it do you? You gotta be kidding me. Cause some guys thought this whole me doing blogging thing was short of BS. But he was interested in it and could relate to what I write in personal level. So thanks for that Neal.

By reading my blog, whether anyone realised it or not, you’ve actually discovered my character or personality by as much as 70% (I think) of it. And the 30% will be revealed if you know me in a deep personal level. I had to maintain that to make me sure that I wasn’t oversharing my life to the internet. And funnily Neal once thought he felt like a creep by reading my blog too much. Cutie Patootie. But I’d like to think he made some effort to actually get to know me that way. The sense of humour, the ted talk we planned to made haha that shit was genius tbh. What else? joined youtube channel? joined instagram account? I was gonna say yes anyway to any of it lol.

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