Quaran-tune (1)

Well, I have heard a lot about people making playlist and call it ‘Quaran-tune’. Let me share mine part 1, which cover the sad song that represent my state of mind this whole time.

Honestly, being in an isolation with a limited to none social movement is very depressing. Especially for me, a very affectionate a.k.a touchy person. I love hugs.

The first song would be; If the world was ending by JP Saxe FT Julia Michaels. Aweee mateeeeeeeee, I made a post with the title because honestly this song hits me to my core. My interpretation would be, I’m into someone, I know we’re not a thing, but at the end of the day when things gone shit, I lowkey wanted that particular person to come over, for one last time. Check this out!

If the world was ending – JP Saxe FT Julia Michaels

Second song, Remember Me by Miguel on the movie called Coco by Disney Pixar. One of my favourite cartoon, honestly I cried all the time watching this. I’m so soft for a movie about love and family. If you haven’t watch it, give it a go. I mean the lyrics hits me hard on ‘Remember me though I have to travel far…’

I meaaannnn, I am currently traveling so far away from Sydney, without a clarity of when the lockdown is over and the commercial flights operating… I am just generally scared those people I left, started to forget me. Check this, and the movie out!! YOU GOT ALL FREE TIME IN THE WORLD.

Remember Me – OST Coco

Third song, would be my favourite song growing up…. I was emo, lol. Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold. Pay attention to the very deep lyrics on it. Listening to this song in the middle of pandemic hits me in a whole different level. The part when he sang ‘Miles away from those I love purpose hard to find.’ Honestly, need I say more? The whole vibe of this song is just tragic yet calming. So you’d better check them out mate!!!

Dear God – A7X

Okay it’s impossible to stay in quarantine without listening to Ro!! I swear when you listen to this in the middle of this pandemic, you will realised that you don’t have all the time in the world. WHAT IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES MATE??? Take your phone right now and tell your parents, siblings, partner, those important people in your life, and tell them how much you loved them.

If tomorrow never comes – Ronan Keating

Okay, those four songs were my favourite since forever..

But they really hits differently in this shitty situation. So what’s the song you can relate so much to this situation? Tell me your version!

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