Smile of accomplishment because guys!!! Now I (finally) figured why people following all of my accounts.

100% they were sold by the catchy username, hoping to see girls in bikinis in the tropical islands. I mean, the tropical babe? what else..

Bali 2018

Otherwise, why would she even use the name right? HA- I can almost feel their pain to see that they’re actually following a sarcastic, sensitive bitch 🤣

But I promised you I’m actually nice and funny… well not as funny because my funnier ex gave me 5.5/10 but told me I could work on it so there’s that to look forward to.

Looking at my physical appearance, I’m not pretty. So in my head, well if I’m not pretty at least I gotta be funny. Then I will have something to be proud of, something to sell.

In the future, I aspire to be like Chrissy Teigen, ohhh gawdddd she’s the queen. If you’re not agree with me on this then we can’t be friends. I could tolerate any differences between us but not my love for Chrissy, lol. She’s funny and I have to say we share the same love of food and cooking. I know I’m like still working on my funny side but hey I’m also an okay cook.

My resting bitch face fooled people most of the time, if you don’t know me in person and saw me on the street you would’ve agreed. I look unapproachable and mean, but oh under these layers of skin and fat mate I’m a super goofy person, I just need to be comfortable with my surrounding so I could be myself completely.

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