Life in Lockdown (2)

This quarantine has been a true eye opener. Getting to know yourself and your inner self on such a deep level. I am always tryna be nice to people, because knowing me personally, you will agree that I don’t have the greatest patience in the world.

So does this so called social distancing. I’m very impatient for this to be over because this whole situation is killing me to my core.

They said distance makes the heart grow fonder, but mate with no clear end in sight, this is plainly sucks. Don’t you all think so? exactly.

The hardest part is no one knows when we all gonna get out of this, and if we ever gonna see each others again.

I don’t wanna wait for it to be too late, please, this is an open letter for everyone I know; forgive me for all my wrongdoings, all the words I’ve said, all the things I did that might’ve hurt you in some unimaginable despicable ways possible.

I might always think I am the hero of all this, not aware that I might also a villain in some of your stories and I really don’t want it to be the last thing you remember about me.

Whatever you do in this shitty situation is yours to decide and there is no expectation on how great it should be, but make every seconds of it a better version of you for yourself, for tomorrow is not promised.

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