Cotton Candy Skies

Like everyone of you I got so many times in my hand. What do I do with that? I finished reading the book I bought in Dubai, I record some podcasts, YASSS, that’s a new skill I just unlocked. I rearranged my instagram feed so it look aesthetically acceptable. Hmm what else?

I mean, i gotta do what i gotta do to keep me sane. You know what? I stopped watching the news because I’m sick of the shit. But guess what? I just read couple days ago that there are so many cases of suicides in USA because they can’t cope with this whole lockdown thing, i mean i can’t blame them because i also feel like jumping from the window every day but the donkey staring at me while i’m staring down the window kinda stopped me. I mean this is a suicide and I can’t risk of having a witness 🤷🏽‍♀️

So I started checking out my cloud to see some good old days pics before the apocalypse happened. And look what I found!

Damn..I was once a happy young lady spent her day at the beach. I mean, I’m the tropical babe after all…

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